Hair Party

Disclaimer:  You guys are going to have to bear with me on these wedding posts.  Since my fabulous wedding is only a little over 3 months away, I have a serious case of wedding brain at the moment.  I'm going to apologize in advance if my incessant wedding talk is annoying the $h!t out of you.  Trust me, it's annoying me too.  It just has to run its course.
[haha...get it..."run its course"]


If you've been following along with my wedding posts, you'll know that I originally thought I wanted to wear my hair in a finger wave for the wedding.   I talked about that idea back in February, and then last month, I eluded to the fact that I had scrapped the finger wave idea.  Well, I did.  The reason?

It looked like crap on me.


I don't even LOOK like I'm enjoying this hairdo.  That's just not cool.

Although that isn't the feather I'll be wearing (that is BFF Matron of Honor's feather), it wouldn't look much different with ivory feathers in it.  It just wasn't me.  At all.

I've been hunting for hairdos again.  I quickly came to the realization that although I like the way that the finger wave looks on some people, my head is just too darn big to pull it off.  This is not negative self-talk, people...these are just the stone cold facts.  I inherited my Dad's large melon, and it's full of 'a lot of brains' (so he says), and there's no hiding it (the large melon part, not the 'a lot of brains' part...I'm good at hiding that part).

And anyway, I wanted something with a little more...

UpStyles & Weddings v.9


...something a little more fussy...

UpStyles & Weddings v.9


...and bold...

Dita Von Teese


...something different...



...more "pinup", and less "flapper".

I've also been considering makeup lately as well.  I made an appointment for a consult at M.A.C., which just happens to be in the same wing of the mall where I'll be getting my hair done on wedding day (coincidence?  I think not).  On the phone, Jadalyn (which I only remember because I thought it was a pretty name) told me to start finding pictures of makeup that I love.








<a href=


It turns out that this is not the original "understated" plan that I thought I had as far as makeup goes.  I want to be glam and fabulous, and I want to fit in with my "Old Hollywood" theme.  Fake eyelashes are totally necessary.

Last night, I had a hair and makeup party.  With myself.  On a Tuesday.  Because I wanted to.

It kind of reminded me of that time last year when I had a skin party with myself.  I never claimed to be normal.

So, this typical 'tinted-moisturizer-only' gal blew the dust off of her Smashbox primer and foundation, sharpened up her eyebrow pencils (after doing a thorough shape on those bad boys), and got to work.  It was a lot of work. 

I honestly contemplated quitting the whole "girly girl" business after I almost broke my eyeball while attempting to apply a false eyelash...


but I persevered.


...and I even ended up having some fun...

hmmm...does this feather go with my tank top?

...maybe a little too much fun...


After all of this hair and makeup business was over with last night, I had reached some decisions as far as my hair and makeup goes.  First of all, I needed to invest in a good quality eye makeup remover.  Sleeping in fake eyelashes because you can't get the fu%ker$ off is not OK.

In addition, although I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do yet, things are definitely going to be way more "glam" and "pinup" and less "simple" and "understated".

I'm slowing finding out that those two words just don't really work for me.



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