I build stuff.

Today... ...because my allergies have thrown me into a full-on coughing fit.

...because my allergies have also caused my left eye to swell to epic proportions.

...because the run I planned for Saturday never happened.

...because the fantastic bike ride I wanted to do on Sunday got rained out.

...because I made this for myself:


...because I gave in to my I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T, liberated tendencies and gifted my man some space of his own (and built him a workstation):


[p.s...this post warrants a special shout out to my Mama, for teaching me how to use a drill and level.]

...because we have a workout closet now:


[p.s.s...FOUR basketballs, honey? Really? WHY?]

...because my fingers were so swelled up on Saturday from all of the aforementioned manual labor that trying on wedding bands was very difficult.

...because today, I have nothing worthwhile to say.

I want you to go read Jen's post today.

I love her, and she always seems to sum up everything I was thinking--in a much more eloquent way.

Go build something today. Despite the swelled hands and glue fumes, it's really quite rewarding.



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