I Have A Drinking Problem.

Last week, I discussed the importance of water, and the fact that 20% of Americans drink no water at all, and 42% consume only 2 cups or less per day. I'm sad to tell you that I was beginning to fall into that category. Despite the fact that I sweat a lot, I was only drinking water sporadically, and I was definitely not drinking the necessary approximation of 56 ounces per day. This is bad news.

"Water is required by almost every bodily function, and is the primary component of all bodily fluids--blood, lymph, digestive juices, urine, tears, and sweat" (Haas, 2006, p. 13).

Medical research has shown that dehydration as a result of not getting enough daily water intake is linked to a plethora of chronic health problems. This list of problems includes asthma, kidney stones, migraine, multiple sclerosis, adult-onset diabetes, muscular dystrophy, high blood pressure, high cholesterol...and the list goes on!

I've read the research. I know that depriving my body of it's lifeblood is detrimental to my health. I just couldn't find a solution that would help me develop this healthy habit. Last week I began using an 8 ounce plastic water bottle. However, the plastic was very flimsy, and refilling that bottle over time could lead to other health problems that I'm just as uncomfortable with. Not to mention, there are already too many plastic water bottles taking up space in our landfills.

I just didn't want to perpetuate another problem in the midst of my efforts to hydrate.

I considered buying myself a Sigg. Although I think that Siggs are wonderful, I also was concerned about the weight of the Sigg and the bulkiness. The goal was for me to find a practical solution that I wouldn't feel burdened by. I wanted something that was sleek and practical, yet functional.


I'd like you to meet The Water Bottle That Dreams Are Made Of.

Thermos Intak® Hydration Bottle. Twenty-Four ounces of wonderfulness. The reasons why I chose this bottle (after spending 2 hours online looking at water bottles):

  1. The bottle is BPA free.
  2. It is very light, yet not at all flimsy.
  3. The top of the water bottle has a "rotating intake meter", which lets you keep track of how many times you fill it per day (this is what really sold me).
  4. The price.  At only $10.99 plus shipping, this was a very cost-effective solution to my dehydration problems.
  5. The top has two locking mechanisms, which makes it virtually impossible for it to pop open and leak in your purse.

I've only had the bottle for a couple of days, but I am in love with it.  I think it's the perfect solution to my water problems, and I think that it's going to help me get into the habit of drinking more every single day.


Haas, G., and Levine, B., 2006. Staying Healthy With Nutrition: The Complete Guide to Diet and Nutritional Medicine. New York: Random House.


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