Keepin’ It Real (Disclosure Statement)

I have noticed lately that many of the blogs I read have started to use affiliate links and advertising on their blogs in order to make a little money to support their efforts.  I talked about it before on Hollaback Health, and I still feel the same way--if you're able to make a little (or a lot) of money from your hobby, then by all means, do so with gusto!  Personally, I don't believe that advertising on ones' website is a sign of blogger "sellout". In following an example recently set by Sally at Already Pretty, and before her by the website Pocket Your Dollars (which are incidentally two of my favorite non-sweat-related websites), I think it's necessary to post a disclosure about my advertising and affiliate revenue.  This keeps everyone on the same page, and then nobody feels swindled in the end.

If you'd like to know the full transition that I made in terms of affiliate links and advertising, you can read the aforementioned post on Hollaback Health.  The long and short of it is that although I did participate in a standard pay-per-load advertising program in the past, it wasn't working out for me.  I needed more freedom to talk about things that weren't related to that particular advertiser, and because my readership is so small, I wasn't making any money.

In the past year, I've focused on finding a few products that I know, trust, and use in my own home, and joined the affiliate program for these products.  This is working out much better for me, and I think that it adds a little extra interest to my site, because the products that I might talk about or advertise are not the standard things that you're reading about everywhere else.

I never specifically post about a product for the sole purpose of advertising it.  If I'm talking about a particular item, it's because it is relevant to something that I have recently experienced or enjoyed.  I do not build posts/articles around advertising.  Ever.

Compensation Disclosure

Due to my affiliate relationships, I  sometimes receive a commission when you click through my site and buy products on a partner Web site.  Every link that I post is most certainly not a commission opportunity for me, and it is not my intention to ever post links to products and websites frivolously.  That's silly, it irritates me when other people do it, and I won't ever do it.

Jogger's Life also contains periodic links (as well as sidebar buttons) to other websites that I own, but clicking on these buttons does not earn me a commission.  It just makes me smile.

Beginning December 1, 2010, I will include a disclosure statement on every post that could generate a commission to me as a direct result of an action you take.

Jogger's Life has an ongoing advertising relationship with Peak Performance Fitness.  Clicking through their display ad (which appears on the main page of Jogger's Life), results in no direct commission on a per-click basis.

From time to time in the advertising section, I also feature companies who have provided me with a product for review and/or giveaway on Jogger's Life.  This is merely a consideration for products that I enjoyed and that have been provided free of charge, and visiting these websites does not result in additional revenue for me.


I do not (and will not) advertise or promote anything that doesn't jive with the content or purpose of Jogger's Life, regardless of the money-making opportunities.  I receive tons of requests to promote products and services that are honestly not geared towards my readers or my purpose, and I respectfully decline these offers because they would be a waste of everyone's time.

If you find Jogger's Life to be motivational, inspirational, funny, quirky, or just plain enjoyable, please do click, register, and/or buy through the links and ads on my site.  This provides compensation for my time, and helps manage website upkeep, race entry fees, running shoes, and asthma inhalers.


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