Kettlebell, Kettlebell, Kettlebell All the Way

Sometimes, it's nice to just spend the weekend lounging around. Puttering around the house.

Playing your new Donkey Kong Country Returns game until your thumbs have blisters.

[not that I know anything about that.]

Other times, it's best to wake up bright and early on Saturday morning, put on an outfit that inspires you to sweat, and head out to your local Lululemon store for an hour of Kettle Bell instruction from the one and only Robert McConnell of Peak Performance Fitness.

This is the same Robert who has, in the past, acted as 1) my personal trainer, 2) my running coach, 3) my knee rehabber, 4) my personal oracle, and 5) my best friend.  He just happens to be the best trainer in the universe, and I'm not just saying that because I'm biased.

I must admit that I've never been to Lululemon before.  I've read about the brand on other people's blogs in the past, but honestly I felt my gag reflex kick in each time I read the word "Lululemon" on these blogs.  The brand seemed overpriced, snobby, and just plain out of my league.  I probably would have never entered the store had it not been for Robert planning a Kettle Bell class there.

That said, the store was amazing.  I'm going to be able to suppress my gag reflex now when I read about Lululemon on other blogs.  After spending a grueling hour doing Kettlebell Swings, Kettlebell Deadlifts, and learning the first 3 steps of the Turkish Get-up, I spent the following 45 minutes drooling over all of the clothes.  Although I didn't buy any, I was really impressed by the selection of pants that Lululemon offers.  I did leave the store with the Brisk Running Hat and matching gloves.  I'll have a review of those coming soon.

I failed to take pictures during my time at Lululemon because not only was the entire class being professionally videotaped, but I was far too busy sweating, while ensuring that I didn't drop a 20 pound weight on my Vibram-5-Fingers-clad-foot.


After spending an hour kettlebell-ing, the Peak Performance crew headed over to the Active Wear Department at Nordstrom's in the Columbia Mall for a 4-hour fitness demo.  I did a little demo-ing and a lot of photographing.  The object of the demo was to encourage shoppers to not neglect their health and fitness throughout the holiday season.

Even the Nordstrom's staff jumped in to participate.

And proceeded to challenge each other to a little Bosu pushup contest.

Then, the boys did some synchronized PowerWheel Pike-Pushups, and really drew a crowd.

Then, I got brave (and was heavily coaxed), and tried out my newly-acquired skills in the Turkish Get-Up.

When I looked at this pic, I was instantly aware that the camera angle/fit of my Under Armour pants makes me look like a schman with  a rather impressive package.  [patting myself on back]

[look at the kettlebell...the kettlebell is your friend.]

I was going to post the photo of me doing the next step in the Turkish Get-Up, but my husband took the picture from a very **interesting** angle, and some things, my blends, are just not blog worthy.  Like my schman package.

And, you'd rather see Rob do it anyway.

Here's the husband, modeling his new Lululemon Letterman pants!


And, the most entertaining part of the day...really, is there anything more amusing than seeing a man do a split?  How about seeing a man do a split on 2 upside down Bosu Balance Trainers?

We had a ton of fun at the demo, and the department's sales were so high that we earned ourselves another spot there in January!  Next time, we'll have freebies for the shoppers as well as a more planned schedule of exercises and such, so it should be even better.  It was a great way to spend the afternoon.

Yesterday, I capped off my sweat-fest of a weekend with a 5 mile Galloway style run outdoors.  My legs were killing me from the kettlebell class, but I couldn't skip out on my long run.  Those 2 half marathons (and the 10 mile in April) that I signed up for aren't going to wait for my legs to feel better!

Today, I have a 30-minute recovery run scheduled...and a new best friend.

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