Let's Talk About My Goodies.

Sorry for the blog silence this week, blends.  I've been a busy little bee working BTB (behind the blog) on not only Jogger's Life, but also on Letters To My Body, and even more importantly... It's happening.

Remember just a mere 2.5 weeks ago, when I told you all about The Elephant In My Brain, and I owned the fact that more than anything, I'd like to start my own tiny bakery?

Well kids, it's happening.



[cue cupcake shaped confetti!!]

Did I mention that this is really happening?!

It's true, I'm a little impulsive.  However, I can honestly tell you that this is a decision that I am confident in.  Some of my impulsive decisions make me uneasy in a "why did I do that" sort of way.  This one makes me uneasy in a "WOW!  I can't believe I'm doing this...how EXCITING!" sort of way. Totally different.

For the moment, I'm ordering packaging materials, and trying to lock in on a Maryland or DC Health Board certified commercial kitchen space.  I began  calling and emailing churches, veteran's organizations and such this week, hoping to find a location that will allow me to use their kitchen space 2-3 times per week for a rental fee.  Fingers crossed that something pops up soon.

That's the boring stuff.

In the meantime, I've started the Sugared Bakery website, and everything is in place to collect YOUR information so that you can become part of the Sugared Taste Crew!


Guess what?

This is the only time you'll ever see me give away my goodies for free, so you better jump on the opportunity!  I'll ship anywhere in the United States (sorry Canada)!

The Sugared Taste Crew is my idea of "research and development". I want to try out products and shipping methods prior to going "live" as an actual business. Who better to try out my products on than the actual people who would (hopefully) be buying them in the future? 

For the time being, just consider this arrangement as if your crazy friend loves to bake cupcakes and cookies and just send them to you as a gift.  I don't want anything from you except your feedback.  Was your package crushed?  Were you cupcakes mushy and your icing melted?  Did you HATE the cupcake that I sent you?

I need to know these things.  You sign up, get my goodies for free, and tell me wassup with them.  It's a pretty good deal if you ask me. 

It's also a crucial part of the whole trial/error aspect of setting up a business, and I think it'll give me a jump start on coming up with a reliable core selection of goodies that everyone will like.

If you really love me, you can also snatch the code for this cool little image and add it to your blog:

Sugared Bakery

My hope is to work out all of these behind the bakery details in the next couple of months and start shipping by December.  That is the plan.

We'll see how it really goes down.

So, please click through to Sugared Bakery and sign up!  Everyone wants free goodies.  Especially mine.


Follow @SugaredBakery on Twitter too!

[p.s...all of the Sugared Bakery (and Jogger's Life) logos were designed by Emily, The Blog Fairy. She's amazing.]


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