Love Your Kitchen

In the spirit of this being "Jogger's Life" and all, today I've decided to talk about my kitchen renovation and the turmoil of moving.  You know, because they're both totally related to jogging. I have a triathlon on Saturday.  Did I mention that?

No, I didn't?

Yeah, well...I do.

This is sort of how my life has been unfolding for the past few weeks.  I like to call it "fly by the seat of my pants".  It's quite exhilarating.  You should totally try it.

First, we moved on July 24th.  Now, we can't unpack most of our boxes because a) the "guest bedroom" needs to be turned into a hobby/activity room, and much of what we still need to unpack would be kept in that room, and b) I thought it was a good idea to renovate our kitchen right now.

Let's just briefly discuss the reason why I do insane things like this.

Because I'm insane.

Now that we've got that straight, a little photo montage of my life right now, in "before" and "after" fashion.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

I had to make the "after" picture even larger just so that I could fit the true transformation of my beautiful dining room.


The best specimen yet.

It was not very functional before, but might as well just be a storage room.  This picture doesn't even really capture the true beauty of this room, since it was taken from my iPhone.  No cabinets, no countertops, no sink.  But I have painted walls and ceiling!  And appliances, I have appliances!

Picture 5

Clearly, something has gone terribly awry with my "before" and "after" photos, since generally you expect that the "after" will be an improvement upon the "before".  Not in this case.  Eventually, our house will be a home.  In the meantime...

Jesus, take the wheel.

I must admit that there is one reason why I haven't rented a hotel room yet (well, besides the fact that no hotel will let a crazy lady move in with two dogs and a bird): the sun room.  It surprises me now that this room was merely 'the bird room' during my last stint in this condo.  This little sun room, with the removal of the weird interior sliding door, and the addition of a table and chairs, has turned into some sort of safe haven for us among the madness.

Picture 6


We eat our meals there, we chat there, we laugh at the dogs as they peer out the window and bark at every moving object (Dear Neighbor In A-1: They're adjusting, so please stop leaving notes on my door before I tell the Condo association that your condo smells like a game farm).  We sit in the sun room and teach Hanni bird naughty words (which I know we'll live to regret someday), and we eat tacos and take out Bertucci's pizza at the table.  It's like we have reinvented this little sunroom into something that we can actually live in and use.  It's quite refreshing, especially since the rest of our house resembles a war zone.

Where is your favorite place in your house??



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