Luna & Larry's Winner

In the days since we last spoke, not much has happened. 1) I stopped counting calories.  In the height of my long hours at work, I decided to start using (DailyPlate) to keep track.  I did that for about 2.5 weeks, and then one day I woke up and decided I didn't feel like it.  That doesn't mean that I haven't been worried about food.  I have been.  It just means that my brain could not process one additional responsibility, so the one with the least seniority was cut.

2) In the midst of working and small-scale food worries, I was surprised that when I was faced with the choice to either a) starve, or b) eat a roasted chicken sandwich from Arby's, I chose "b".  After that, I was even more surprised when I was more concerned with the striking difference between a "small" and a "large", than I was about the chicken sandwich.  I might have ADHD.

Size Envy.

2) I picked a (randomly selected) Luna & Larry's winner!  It's Jess, whose blog I just recently started reading and LOVE!

Picture 2

Hey Jess: click my "contact" tab, and email me your address and I'll get your loot out right away!

3) Newsflash!  SURPRISE!  I fell off my bike again!  Are you SURPRISED?!  Yeah, didn't think so.

Worst picture ever, but properly captures the moment.

This was the best (worst) fall yet.  I rolled into my parking lot at the end of my 11 mile ride, unclipped my right foot first as always.  Then SURPRISE!  I FORGOT that my left foot was still clipped in.  Then I actually wondered for a split second why my foot wasn't planted when I leaned to the left to stop.  Instead, I knee planted.  And again, although that's one way to do it, it's not the way I'd PREFER to do it.

More Blood.

Especially when my neighbor is standing mere yards away from me.

In order to stop him from potentially calling 911 in a state of panic, I raised my arm in victory (left foot still attached to bike) and yelled, "I'M OK!  I'M OK!"

He replied "I know you're TOUGH!"

Yes, Ernest.  Yes I am.  And STURDY.  Thank you for taking notice.  I'm going to unclip my left foot and go dress my wound now.



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