Our Wedding Plan: My Hair!


Since the theme of our wedding is "Old Hollywood", I'm trying to maintain an old-school feeling in many of the elements that I've planned.  The decor that I've chosen so far has been retro-style, and my centerpieces will be simple red roses with black ostrich feathers.

And maybe a shiny (fake) rhinestone thrown in for good measure, because I cannot deny myself of anything shiny.

As soon as I decided to make the theme of the wedding "Old Hollywood", I immediately knew that I wanted a finger wave hairstyle.  And, if you've been following along, it's going to go smashingly with my dress, our chapel, and the decor.

I love Audrey Hepburn.  I love classic movies (before color film was even on the radar).  I love the culture and the romance and the disgusting indulgence of it all.  I love the bright red lipstick and the outlandish black eyeliner.  And I love the finger wave.  Old fashioned or modern, it just doesn't matter.  I simply love the finger wave.

When I think of the modern finger wave, I think of Gwen Stefani.  I don't know why.  Maybe it's because I'm 30-something, and she was the first mainstream chick to rock a finger wave in my era.   It doesn't really matter why--the fact is that Gwen Stefani ROCKED the finger wave.

gwen stefani

Christina Aguilera is also a modern pioneer of the finger wave.


And several other celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon.  Here are some of my favorites:

This is an interesting twist...but I'm not sure that I like how it is poofy at the ends.  You know that I hate poofy.  Poofy has the tendency of throwing me over the edge.

wedding hair

Simple and understated on Charlize.  I like the hair doo-dad used in this style.

charlize fingerwave

Oh, Hi Greta!  I love you.


Did I mention that I love Greta too?  And I love her hair.

Nicole even gave the finger wave a shot.  With not much success, in my opinion...but she tried.


My head is way to big to pull this one off, but congrats to you, Kate Bosworth.


This is my favorite in the non-celebrity realm of finger waves.  I think that it's gorgeous, although I would have to tame that poof on the side.  Just say no to poof.


So, what do you think?

To finger wave or not to finger wave?

Your girl needs all the help she can get.

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