Perpetually Sore.

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Although I have plans in the works to talk to you about a) baked fennel with panko and parmesan (wow...yum), b) food combining, c) eating seasonably, d) food allergies, and e) being EXPOSED, I feel it necessary to first present you with this news flash:

Kickboxing is kicking my a$$.

For real.

I have been sore for the past two weeks without relief.  Different muscle, same pain.  It seems that each time I feel as though I have recovered, I am forced to return and get the KICK boxed out of myself again.

The class I'm taking is very non-mainstream.  It is very sweatymanly.  The class is taught by two of the most infamous martial artists in the country.  It is a real school of martial arts.  The owner of the school is very 'Billy Blanks meets Mr. T'.

Many people who attend the school are very accomplished martial artists.  Many people can flipkickheadstandbackspinjabkill.

I am not one of them.

I failed karate class in college.  I got a D.  In karate class.  In COLLEGE.  Do you understand the given coordinationly-challenged WEIGHT of this statement?

I'm quirky.  I'm uncoordinated.  I'm tense.  I giggle.  I squeal.  I'm nervous.

But, I do it anyway.  Giggle or no giggle, squeal or not; I feel accepted there.  They don't care if I can barely punch and kick at the same time.  They don't care if my right arm moves the wrong way when I kick.  They just want me to succeed, and that makes ME want ME to succeed.

Maybe I can't do all of my push ups with perfect form.  And, as I stand from doing my 50th cannonball, I usually have to stop and catch my breath to avoid an asthma attack.  None of that matters to them.  As long as I TRY, and as long as I PUSH, I am fulfilling my end of the deal.

As long as I TRY, I don't get accosted.  Too much.

As a result of trying, my arms are getting stronger.  Those muscles hiding in my shoulders?  Yep, they're starting to peek out.  I can't actually SEE my abs, but I sure can FEEL them!

Besides the obvious physical benefits that I'm noticing from this class (soreness aside), my mind is strengthening.  I'm learning that akin to life itself, physical fitness and physical accomplishments are all about TRYING.

If you don't TRY, you'll never know if you CAN.

Stepping outside of my comfort zone has  been a great opportunity for me to remember WHY I began working out and running in the first place...

Because it makes me feel good about myself.

Have you stepped outside of the box lately?

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