Tomorrow at this time, I will hopefully be lounging comfortably in my living room, watching reality TV reruns, drinking copious amounts of water, and repeating over and over in my head, "I AM A TRIATHLETE!"

Besides going to a pre-race talk this afternoon (to figure out where all of those blasted stickers go) and racking my bike in the transition area, I took a stroll around the park to scope out the swim course.


(yeah...this is only about 1/4 of it.)

I gotta be honest here. This little stroll did nothing to calm your girl's nerves. I guess when I'm swimming 1100 meters in the pool, it doesn't seem as daunting because there is a "beginning" and an "end" after each 25 meter lap. This, my friends, will not end until I've reached meter 1101.1.

The temperature outside tomorrow is expected to be 94 degrees with 72 percent humidity. It's going to be a challenging race due to the temperature. After I cried in the park while staring out at 1100 meters of pure fear, I had a quiet lunch at Baja Fresh and then stocked up on water and Gatorade at the store. I will be bringing a small cooler with me tomorrow, since I think that hydration is going to be a key ingredient in whether I will need to be manually dragged across the finish line or not.

I've got all of my gear packed for the transitions.


It's 6:30, and I'm ready for bed. It's a party a minute over here at! I'll check in tomorrow and let you guys know how it went!



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