Product Review: Halo

A few months ago, knowing that I sweat a lot, My Gazelle bought me two Halo products: the black Halo II Headband,


and the black Halo Visor


I sweat like a dude. There's no shame in my game. I work hard, and I sweat. Hell...sometimes I sweat like a man while standing still. What I'm trying to say is that when I'm running or biking, I spend a lot of time wiping sweat out of my eyes. Since I wear contacts, this turns out to be a huge pain in the ass, and usually leads me to have to give my contacts a complete rinse down when I'm finished working out.

My sweat is not easily tamed by any headband. Luckily, Halo does not make just any headband. Halo headbands are designed to move sweat away from your eyes with a magical yellow sweat re-routing thingamajigger.


Prior to wrestling with the seaweed monster at my first triathlon on Sunday, I had tried the headband a few times under my bicycle helmet on practice rides, but didn't even take the tag off of the visor yet.

I decided to use them both during the triathlon.


OH! See?! Hi! There I am wearing my visor at the finish.

I normally don't wear hats when I run. Don't get me wrong, I love hats. I think that hats are adorable, and I've tried wearing various hats several times. The problem is that I always get completely overheated, or I feel like my head is going to explode from the pressure of the hat. The hat always comes off and gets attached to my fuel belt around mile 1.

Did you see me up there, wearing the visor at the finish line?

I was pleasantly surprised that the Halo visor did not cause any discomfort at all, I didn't have to adjust it at all, and it made it through all 3.4 miles. At one point, as I was dumping water on my head at an aid station, I became very thankful that I wore it. The water (and sweat) honestly, magically, completely circumvents your eyes. There is no wiping, and no losing a contact lens.

The verdict: Jogger approved! I love them both. At a price of $12.99 for the headband, and $27.25 for the visor (both through the links above), they are both completely worth the investment.



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