Product Review: Sony W250 series Walkman® MP3 player

Sony Walkman These, my friends, are the Sony NWZ-W252 Walman MP3 Player. They are very lightweight, wireless, water-resistant, reasonably-priced ($60), and hold approximately 270 songs (2GB). The best part is that you can move music directly from your iTunes library onto the device. When Sony offered these up for a free, I jumped at the opportunity. However, since I'm a slave to my iPod, I decided to let My Gazelle do the reviewing this time. It's only fair...what's mine is almost his, right?

So, here is Rizzle Dizzle's review of the Sony NWZ-W252 Walkman MP3 Player.



Giving these headphones to me for a product review was the right thing to do. My workouts are sorta acrobatic to say the least!

The first thing I noticed when I turned on the player was that the sound was not as clear and crisp as on my iPod.


However, the headphones did fit snugly over my ears, and there were no cords to wrangle.

I decided to try the walkman with a medium-intensity workout and an extremely fast paced, high-intensity workout. When I used the headphones with the medium-intensity workout (consisting of running on the treadmill and lifting weights in a circuit), they worked like a champ. They never fell out of my ears, and I loved the fact that they were cordless.  One of the most annoying things for me is trying to figure out where to put my headphone cord while I'm working out.

For the intense workout, I did circuit weight training and plyometrics for an hour and a half.  This workout even included me hanging upside down from the  pull-up bar doing sit-ups, reverse crunches and back rows (Note from your girl: I hope our children get your genes...just sayin').  Unfortunately, I found that the headphones were hard to keep in my ears when I working out, and at one point they actually fell out when I was hanging upside down. However, I understand that this is the extreme case.  If you are a regular gym-goer or runner (who doesn't hang upside down like I do), these headphones would be great for you.

The Pro's:

  • The headphones are comfortable to wear (like a Bluetooth headset).
  • Keeps your arms free while lifting weights or running, and there are no cords to get tangled up.
  • Very easy to operate while you are engulfed with your workout.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Portable.
  • Fits snugly in the ears during most exercises.

The Con's:

  • The sound is not as crisp as an Ipod.
  • When the player is in shuffle mode, it makes a weird noise that lets you know that the next song is coming.
  • If you're doing hard-core workouts, they might fall out of your ears.

The conclusion is that I'll still wear these headphones because I love the wireless feature, but I'll bring my iPod when I plan to hang upside down!


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