Product Review: True North Almond Crisps

Last year, I tried something called a Nut-Thin.  I don't know about you, but I instantly thought that the company's marketing department had made a terrible oversight.






Yeah.  Anyway you say it, it still doesn't sound like something that should be eaten.  After having ample time to heal from my NUT thin episode, I decided to take another CRACK at it.*

*I know that was corny, but there's no shame in my game.


I have to tell you first of all that I'm not a cracker person.  I mean...I'm a 'cracka', but I generally don't like crackERs.

A serving size is 15 'crisps', and each serving has 140 calories.  The part that charmed me the most is that each serving also has 2 grams of fiber and 5 whopping grams of protein, which is amazing for a crackerish type of thing.  Since they are made primarily from almonds, the protein doesn't come from some sort of alien chemical test-tube source, so that's good.


I decided to have some with an orange as my pre-run snack.  Is that 12?  I don't know.


...I didn't count.

I just ate.

These crispy little guys are somewhere between the texture of a Ritz cracker and a pita chip, and they are very tasty.  There are actually pieces of almonds in the crackers, and that was a nice touch.

I'd buy them again.

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