Race Prep & Living

It's race weekend...AGAIN! Didn't I just have a race like 4 minutes ago?

Yeah. I thought so.

I'm mildly nervous about running The Boilermaker 15K on Sunday because I only had the opportunity to do ONE long run after my triathlon. I've come to a conclusion about me, races and running: I am not forward-thinking enough to focus on more than one race at a time. If the necessary training period for two events happens to cross, I get all jacked up.

The longest run that I've done since March (the Disney Princess 1/2) is the 6 miles that I just ran on Tuesday. So, I have complete faith in myself that I'll finish, but I make no guaranties about whether I'll need a wheelchair to do so.

Since that run on Tuesday, my knees have been feeling like their old selves in the evenings (swelled, tight, uncomfortable).  This makes me nervous, but I've been relying on ice to relieve the discomfort.  Today they seem fine.

I think I'll be OK.

I hope.


In other news (and what is REALLY on my mind), I'm moving! Aren't you so excited? Me too!

It's not a major move in terms of location or reason for moving, but to me it's UBER exciting. Back in January 2007, I bought my very own 2 bedroom condo in a location that I love. It's a 10 minute walk to a beautiful lake, 3 minutes to a bagel shop, and excuse me, but I can WALK to the MALL. Yes. Oh yes.

The other draw for me is the fact that the entire city is connected by paved paths.  It is possible to get to virtually anywhere within the city just by following paths and sidewalks.  I love the fact that I can always safely run and walk without having to worry about cars.

Before I moved into the condo, I completely renovated it with new stainless steel appliances, marble floors, crown molding, built-in bookshelves, surround sound. Seriously, this was like "pimp my crib" (well...the single, poor-person-on-a-budget version anyway). I really loved my condo, and I was proud and happy to have a place that I could call my own.

Then, in March, at the most unexpected time ever, I met the love of my life.

After a little over a year had passed, we knew that we needed to make a change.  Armed with the knowledge that My Gazelle and I would "someday" get married, and also the fact that we had collective credit card debt to the tune of $30,000, we decided to combine our lives into one of our condos. As it were, my condo was more marketable and would fetch more rent than his, so we have lived in his 1 bedroom condo for the past 2 years. My condo stayed leased out as a fully-furnished corporate rental, and I have had 3 tenants in the past 2 years.

**Sidebar: corporate rental is THE way to go if you can furnish the joint yourself. From my experience, the tenants have been solid, reliable, and mature.

I had to rent a storage unit for 2 years in order to contain all of the wonderful things that I wasn't able to bring to My Gazelle's condo.  They just wouldn't fit within our 675 square feet.  My book and cookbook collection, scrapbooking supplies, beautiful decorations and framed art.  These are all things that I've missed for the past 2 years, but I knew that they were just things, and I would eventually be reunited with them.  In addition to missing my things (and probably more-so), I've missed having a space of my own to be creative.

At noon today, I'm meeting my soon-to-be former tenants so that we can do their move out inspection.

At 12:16, I'm going to begin moving in my art, scrapbooking supplies and cookbook collection.

Well, not really...but if I didn't already have a prior engagement, you can trust that I would.


Oh, marble floors that are never clean enough!  I love you, but I hate you.


Oh, kitchen without enough counter space!  I have missed you so much...and we'll get you some more counter space soon enough.


Oh, sunroom!  You look completely different now, with no crazy internal sliding door and new blinds!  I can't wait to sit in you and relax.

As an added bonus, I also had all of the windows and that huge sliding door on the sunroom replaced in late February.  I am very anxious to move back in so that I can enjoy the space as it should be enjoyed.  I feel like I never really had a chance to enjoy and appreciate what I had because I was all up in "New Loveville".  This time, I will have at least 3 years to devote to making this place our own (thankfully with no more credit card debt).  It's funny how things come full circle.

And I will have a craft area.  Even if I have to share it with My Gazelle's workout equipment.  It's OK.  I''ll make that sacrifice for love.



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