Setting My Sights on Fitbloggin!

I'm sure that I probably bummed you out with my last post, but you can rest assured that I am doing just fine (since I know you lost sleep over it and all).  I am still infected by the "weight loss bug" from time to time.  The important part is how I choose to deal with those feelings. However, I'm not going to lie and tell you that it has been business as usual this week.  I've eaten more vegetables than I had been in the past 2 months.  I've noticed a definite shrinkage in the general stomach area.  I've been conscious (although not obsessive) about my eats.

But, I'm not hungry.  I'm not starving.  I'm not restricting.

And who says that I wasn't eating TOO MUCH for the past few months anyway?  My muffin top kind of proved that fact to me, by the way.

And I love eating seasonably anyway--with spring brings more veggies, and a 'new start'.  So, here is my new start.  No diet, just being more conscious.

But, there are much more important things going on today besides weight loss.

First of all, my wonderful future father in law is graduating from his program at Blind Industries and Services of Maryland.  Did you know that Baltimore, Maryland, is home to one of the worlds most highly regarded training schools for the blind?  I didn't know that either until last year!  Apparently, people come from all over the world just to learn the skills that are taught at the school.

When I first met Dad, he still had his vision.  Unfortunately, he fell victim to a condition called Macular Degeneration, which was likely due to his uncontrolled type II diabetes.  Over the course of many years, this condition had a chance to become more serious, and within a few months after Rick and I started dating, Dad had only the ability to see a hazy outline of objects.  Then he could only see a bit of light.  Now, he tells me that those flashes of light are gone.

He is a wonderful man, and he has never lost his spirit.  He went from being a successful professional in the business world; earning a living and helping to support his family (and my favorite 'other mother' in the whole world), to relying upon other people for everything.

Pretty scary, no?

The whole situation is yet another testament to the reasons why we need to all take care of our health, but it was a blessing that he received the opportunity to attend The Maryland School For the Blind.  Throughout the course of the past year(ish), he has learned how to cook, clean, and travel to different places completely on his own by airplane, bus, and train.  He's even traveled to different states to visit friends.  He learned how to use a computer, read, and navigate the world without his vision.  They dropped him off several times in different unfamiliar locations, and he had to make his way home on his own.

It's truly amazing.  Especially since when I imagine myself in these situations, I can only see myself crying and asking for my Mommy.

It's been a long road for him.  As difficult as everything has been (and still is), he has really been an inspiration for the entire family in so many ways, and I'm proud of him for all of the things that he's accomplished.

It makes me happy that I will be attending his graduation today.  I'll be wearing a dress.  This also makes me happy.

Not to mention...Fitbloggin' starts today at 5:30PM!

I'm excited.  Strangely, I'm way more excited for this conference than I ever was for the Healthy Living Summit.  I'm different, and the vibe of Fitbloggin' is different.  It also helps that there are many cool chicks that I like who are going!

I'll be blogging and tweeting from the conference, so keep your eyes peeled for me this weekend!

I might even post a VLOG (gasp!)  if I'm feeling brave.

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