Stairmaster Invitational

Tomorrow, I have an awesome guest post on a product that everyone seems to want these days (including me)! Today, I want to bring your attention over to Jen's site, where she is hosting Part II of her Stairmaster Invitational. Despite the fact that she's doing it because Tony called her out and picked on her on his site, I still support her decision to sweat it out. And I rather think this method is very cool in an "I challenge you to a duel" sort of John Wayne frontier-y way.

Er. Something.

I'm also going to join in on the sweat party, and I think you should too. All of our sweat will benefit charity, and that's pretty cool.

So, what say you...99 minutes of continuous sweating on April 20th--are you man enough? If you want to participate, hop on over to Jen's site (which you should be reading anyway), and leave her a comment to let her know you're on board.

Happy sweating!sweatfestcrop

As for me, yesterday I swam, and today is a running day. I was planning on getting up at the buttcrack of dawn again today to knock out my run, but I just couldn't.get.out.of.bed! There is something about Tuesday that is infinitely worse than any Monday I've ever experienced, and Tuesday does not let me get up early. Ever.

So, I'll do my run at lunchtime. I am aiming for 3 miles today. I had the realization yesterday that I've signed up for The Boilermaker 15K again this summer (remember, that race was the whole reason why I started this blog thingy in 2008), and I need to be able to run 9 miles by July 11th!

I've sited so many examples of my lack of preparedness, as well as my chronic 'fly by the seat of my pantsedness', and here is yet another example. Luckily, I've considered this far enough in advance, so it's not a crisis. So, in addition to learning how to swim (p.s...this could be going better) and mastering the art of clipping into a road bike without suffering a head injury, I will also need to build my mileage back up for the Boilermaker.

Piece of cake.


In the meantime, stay tuned later this week for some sweet video of me trying not to drown!


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