Starbucks $25 Gift Card Winner!

[I wanted to say "winner, winner, chicken dinner", but it just wasn't appropriate in this instance. Darn.] First of all, I've learned that some seriously Starbucks addicted people read my blog. And, it made me love you even more. Mocha, latte, Americano, Frappe lovers UNITE!

(cue group hug...)

OK...putting my hidden hippie tendencies aside, I was really happy that you guys liked this giveaway. Stay tuned though, because if you liked this giveaway, the next one will REALLY make your skirt fly up. Or your tempo shorts. Or your cargo shorts. Or, the pant legs of your jeans.

No matter what you're wearing, you're going to love it. Promise.

images has spoken, and the winner of the $25 Starbucks Gift Card is....

#12: Clarice, who said that her new job is by a Starbucks, so this gift card will come in handy.

Spend it proud, Clarice...and make sure you tell everyone who your pusher is.



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