Sweat Props

I'm glad that everyone liked my PACOS yesterday! I never thought that POM would pair nicely with chicken tacos, but it definitely did! My lunch leftovers yesterday were even better than the original! Alicia asked yesterday how My Gazelle acquired that name. So, for anyone who missed that moment in history, you probably want to read the story of how he effortlessly smoked me in a 5K. When I discovered him after the race, his sweat had completely dried. He was sipping water and chatting with an old friend.

It was actually fun re-reading that post, because at the time when I wrote it, he was still my boyfriend (now he's my fiance), he was only attending his martial arts class twice a week (Ha! That would be a treat...he's in black belt cycle now!), and he did a 5K in 24 minutes (he squashed his most recent 5K in about 20 minutes). I still want to kick him in his shin.

Speaking of sweating, I love asking questions on Twitter. I love the fact that I can throw a question out into the Twitterverse, and I get back several different opinions, many of which I would have never considered if left to my own (Twitterless) devices. Yesterday, I asked this question:

Picture 1

To me, this is a very important question. I love fitness stuff. I love trying things out, and I wanted to see if I've missed the boat on anything over the past year! This is what the Twitterverse answered:

Picture 2 Picture 1 Picture 2

Clearly, everyone loves their Garmin!

So how about you? What's the best fitness-related item that you've purchased in the past year?

I'll be featuring some of these products in an upcoming post so that everyone can be in the know!



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