SWEET Christmas Ornament Project

Get your glue guns ready, crafty blends!

In honor of the zygote that is Sugared Bakery, Friday's "She's Crafty" post will feature this adorable ornament, [so geniously] invented by Bake It Pretty.

If you'd like to participate in the She's Crafty Project this week, just make your cute little ornament(s), then post the final product on your own blog [if you have one]!  If you have no blog, just leave me a comment--I'd love to know how they turned out!

Here's what you need:

  1. Wine
  2. Styrofoam Balls:  2.5" size for regular cupcakes, or  1.5" size for mini cupcakes
  3. Heavy-Duty foil cupcake liners: Standard 2" Size for regular cupcakes, Miniature size for mini cupcakes
  4. Artificial Snowflakes
  5. Artificial floral berry sprigs (in assorted sizes)
  6. Bakers Twine or Ribbon (optional)
  7. Wooden skewers
  8. White Craft Glue
  9. Foam or paint brush
  10. Hot Glue
  11. Scissors

When you're ready to get busy, pour yourself a big glass of wine, and go to the Bake It Pretty post for full instructions.

I also wanted to mention that I made another Ribbon Tree the other night, fully sober.  My drunk ribbon tree looks far superior to the sober one.  Coincidence?

Probably not.


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