Taper Week Panic!

Last week, I received a lengthy email from the Columbia Triathlon Association, who is the organizer for my first triathlon. This email was basically the "Hey, deadbeat! There's only 10 days until the race, are you prepared for this shizz?!" wake up call that I did not want. Firstly, there was this...

Picture 1

Excuse me?!

What makes you (not you...) think that I can finish this race in 4.5 hours? And even more seriously, what in the hail makes you (not you...) think that I can finish the SWIM in an hour?! AN HOUR? That's essentially 40 laps in the pool...in ONE hour?

You guys. I'm freaking out. Freaking out. Like, really freaking out. These bastards are going to have to fish me out of the lake--rescue operation style.

Secondly, there was this...

Picture 2

This one sent me into full on "GRRRRRAWWWRRRRR" mode. If I had thought for a moment that the water in the (relatively small) lake was going to be below 78 degrees, I would've started trolling Craigslist months ago for a wetsuit. However, I naturally assumed that the water would be warmer since the weather has been in the low to mid 90's for at least a week.

My Sista informed me that this was a total rookie mistake, because the race officials always take the water temperature before the buttcrack of dawn, just so that people CAN wear their wetsuits. I replied that it would've been nice to have this information months ago.

Luckily, I belong to Amazon Prime, and I just hooked myself up with this wetsuit...


I ordered it a size larger than I normally would because I was paranoid that it would be too small, and then I wouldn't have any wetsuit on race day. That would be a bummer, because it's possible that the wetsuit will be my only saving grace in completing this swim in less than an hour.

And did I mention that I'm FREAKING OUT?

********** In other news, I went to visit my family in upstate NY last weekend, and on Saturday, My Sista, her boyfriend and I did a bike/run brick. This was my first experience at doing an outdoor brick, and it was the longest distance brick that I have ever attempted. I was happy (unhappy) that the course we did was hilly, because the race on Sunday contains a few large hills on the bike. The run isn't quite as bad--just some shorter hills.

We didn't start our bike until around 10:30AM, and rode for about an hour. We did about 13 miles (my tri is 17), and then started the run at about 11:30-11:45. It was hot as Hades outside--low 90's by that point, and the run was really really difficult. Or maybe I should rather say that the WOG was really really difficult.

Because I wogged. I wogged a lot.

I forgot one crucial piece of the puzzle that I will not forget on race day. Don't forget to fuel between the bike and the run, you doimuffin! I mean seriously...2 eggs and a tortilla at 8AM will not fuel this gal for a 13 mile bike and a 3 mile run in 90 degree heat. Heck...that wouldn't last me 2 hours if I was just watching The Housewives of New York City.

So, I will make sure to properly fuel. It's going to be hot out on Sunday, and I'm not trying to get kicked out of the race for taking too long.

I'm totally going to get kicked out of the race for taking too long.



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