Tardy For The Party: Fitbloggin'10

Embarrassing confession #1:

I love all of the Housewives...no matter which county or state they live in.  Their uninhibited embrace of all things excessive simultaneously shocks me and makes me feel pity for them.  But, I continue to watch.

Embarrassing confession #2:

In all of the hours (upon hours) that I spend on my Google Reader, not one time did I hear (or maybe 'comprehend' would be the operative word) about Fitbloggin'10.

Can we all say it together now?  Ready?  READY?


How did I miss this?  It's happening in Baltimore.  That's literally 15 minutes from where I live.  Am I living under a rock?  Too much sweat in my eyes?

In any case, even though I'm Tardy For the Party, at least it wasn't sold out.  I'm officially registered and going, and very excited!  To make the whole experience even more fun, it's taking place only 1 week after I return from Disney World from running the Princess 1/2 (and vacationing like it's my jayObee).

I considered offering up our condo as a sort of free squat space (if you will), but thought better of that idea since our condo is literally thisbig, and I'd really hate to read everyone's blog posts in the aftermath of Fitbloggin....

When I woke up on Saturday morning, I was COVERED in dog hair, and Maya was licking my face like it was HER jayObee.  All the while, Hanni bird was yelling something about "mmmmm...hungry...wanna eat...*kissy noise...ring, ring...creak...garbage truck...smoke alarm*  In conclusion, this Elisabeth from Jogger's Life might as well live on a farm.

So.  Yeah.  There's a lot going on at our house.  I have a few ideas in the works, so if anyone is looking for a room-share type situation, or if your plans are still up in the air about where you're going to crash for Fitbloggin...I might be your girl.

I'm going to go clean the bird cage now.

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