Thai Curry Soup...Oh My.

Today, we went to Noodles & Company for lunch.  Restaurant Boy had tofu for the first time. IMG_0113a

I'm happy to report that he ordered it entirely on his own, and he loved it!

And now, this soup.

THIS soup.

This SOUP!


This soup might just be my Achilles Heel.

But I don't really mind, because it's delicious.

Does anyone have a reliable recipe for Thai Curry Soup that they want to share or point me to??

On another note, it snowed last night.  Again.  That means that I don't have kickboxing class tonight, and that makes me sad.  I love kickboxing class!

On yet another note, I want to say a special WASSUP to all of my new readers!  Hi new readers!  If you found me because of Fitbloggin', are you as completely BOOSTED as I am about going?!

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