The Aftermath of The Great Move of 2010

Aren't these lovely?

They match my dress so perfectly.

And somehow, this vintage necklace matched those lovely handmade earrings so perfectly.  So accidentally.

And this!

This wonderful hair fascinator that I polled you about ages ago!  I love it!

All of these accessories seemed to magically fall into place months ago.  While many brides are obsessing about their jewelry in the weeks leading up to their wedding, I was already decided.  I made my mind up months ago.  I tried it all on with my wedding dress at the final fitting.  Everything looked perfect.

So, what's the problem, you ask?

I lost it.

All of it.

Yes.  All of it.

Somewhere between this:

and this:

I lost my beautiful wedding jewelry and hairpiece!

I'm sad.  The necklace was a vintage find on Etsy, and the earrings and hairpiece were handmade.  I'll be able to get another hairpiece (by paying full price again, PLUS $21 overnight shipping), but the earrings and necklace were irreplaceable, especially with such short notice.

I'm freaking out a little.

I'm also stopping at Jo Ann Fabrics on the way home tonight, and praying that they have champagne colored glass beads.  I might just be making my own wedding jewelry tonight.



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