The Disney Princess 1/2 Countdown!

sweatfestcropThe Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon is only a mere 13 days away. That means that I will be in Florida in 9 days!

Nine.  Days.

Vacation in NINE DAYS!!  Yay!!

So.  Back to the matter at hand.  The Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon is only 13 days away.  I got slightly sidetracked for about 1.5 weeks due to the Great Snowpocalypse of 2010.  My gym was literally closed, so no running was to be had.  As a result, I missed one of my long runs (I believe it was the 7 miler), and it set me back a week on my training.

My running schedule has been very easy: Tuesday recovery run, Thursday is my mid-week longish run, and Saturday or Sunday is my long run.  That's it.  Three days of running.  In addition to running, I've been doing kickboxing on Monday and Wednesday for 45 minutes (which is very high impact and intense), and one day of core and stretching.  I've tried hard to keep things well-rounded this time, so as not to revisit Joggerslife Kneehab, 2009 Edition.

In order to feel the least affect from my Snowmagadon-induced long run folly, I decided to bump up my weekday runs the following week.  I was supposed to do 2, 4, 8 that week, but instead I did 3, 5, 7--which put me 1 mile over my weekly mileage goal, but still didn't have to bump up my weekend run to get there.  My past injuries have taught me that when I try to 'kill it' and bump up that long run before I'm ready, that's when all hell breaks loose.

Since the Snowcation, I have been right on schedule with my runs, and last week, I even banged out my 2 mile recovery run in 20:15--which felt like a miracle of sorts.  Especially since I felt fantastic the entire run.  However, the fact that I ran a "recovery" run faster than even my normal race pace was maybe not the smartest idea...but it doesn't appear that I'm any worse for the wear, so I'm just going with it.

In any case, tonight I did my first 10-mile treadmill run ever, and it went pretty well.  I just took it very slow--10 miles in 1:58, which is about 11:45/mile.  That's slow.  I got wicked bored around mile 7, which is my major gripe with the treadmill.

The only thing that kept me going were these:


After searching for over a month for a pair of Vibram Five Fingers in my size (39 must be like the most popular size or something), I got sick of waiting.  After doing some research, I learned that these Nike Free 5.0 V4's are touted as a barefoot running alternative, so I jumped on board.  I bought them yesterday for $85, which is basically the same price as a pair of VFF's.

It might not have been prudent to inaugurate these bad boys with a 10 mile long run, but I went for it.  I'm impatient like that.  The verdict is that I like them, but I definitely feel the difference between these and my standard Nike Air Pegasus 25's.  It's been about an hour since I finished my run, and my forefoot and ankles feel notably sore.  However, research is starting to show that the mark of a good runner is in the strength of their feet, so this soreness is most likely just a sign that I'm running correctly for a change...that makes me happy.

I'm all about making 2010 an injury-free year, so hopefully my Nike Free's will help me achieve that goal!

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