The No Good, Very Bad Day.

Do you guys remember when Ice Cube was still a gangsta? You know. Before he starred in 45 cheesy Tyler-Perryesque movies and got his own sitcom?

You know. When he still wore a bandana on his head because he was all 'West Coast Badass'?

You know.  Back in the days when he sang "Today Was a Good Day"...

(Would the real Ice Cube please stand up?)

Yesterday, I spent a good portion of the day reciting this song over and over in my head. Just the chorus. On loop. #earworm style.


Yesterday was NOT a good day.

I started off finely routine enough for a Sunday: sleep until 8:00, egg whites and cranberry walnut bread toast. Fill up water bottles, pack up snacks, load bikes into the truck. Standard Sunday plans for us lately. After I ride on Sundays, I go home and shower, then I drive to Starbucks and spend the remainder of the day studying.

Relaxing. Routine. RUINED!

It all began with a broken front derailleur mount at the 4th mile.


Luckily, I had my trusty husband-to-be, and he rode his bike back to the truck and came back to pick me up. I was bummed, but it's OK. It'll get fixed. No biggie. We brought the bike directly to my bike shop, and they proceeded to tell me that it'll be out of commission until at least Friday.

It's OK. I'm going to New York this weekend, and I have plans to do a bike/run brick with My Sista. As long as the bike is back in my truck by Friday before I leave for NY, it's all good.

Although I felt like a mom going home from the hospital without her baby, I left my little Blue Betty at the bike shop for repair. It was for her own good. My ride was completely foiled, but at least my girl's "injury" was not serious. The downside of this sad story is that because my days are so ROUTINE during the weekends, I didn't have time to do anything else that would require sweating. The bike ordeal had eaten up my allotted 2 hours when all was said and done, I had an appointment with a wedding florist that afternoon so there was no extra time to waste.

As we pulled into the driveway at home, I realized that I had left my only car key in the seat pack of my bike. For a brief instant, I thought that our house keys (the only ones we brought) were also attached, but miracle of all miracles, I unattached them before I put the car key in my bike pack. However. This meant that I needed to make it to my florist appointment on time, drive BACK to the bike shop (20 minutes) after the florist appointment to get my car key, and THEN go to Starbucks to study.

"It's OK. Today can STILL be a good day!"

In the midst of all of the bike debauchery, I failed to remember that the appointment I made with a wedding florist was at 1PM rather than 1:30PM. By the time that I finished taking a shower, it was 12:50PM. I needed 15 minutes to get there. As soon as I looked at my calendar and realized that the appointment was at 1PM, I jetted out the door. No makeup, no hair, no cute.

Then, I went the wrong way on the highway.

Then, when I came back by my house, I stopped to get my makeup. At least if I was going to be late, I was going to be cute.

"It's OK. Today can STILL be a good day!"

The florist wasn't even mad when I came in 20 minutes late. She was really quite nice, actually. Everything was going perfectly fine until she showed me this...


Just in case you can't read definitely says "$2,261.52". That, my friends, is not in the budget.

"It's OK. Today can STILL be a good day!"

After my florist appointment from hell, I headed back to the bike shop with My Gazelle's truck. No craziness there--just picked up my car key and rolled out. As I was getting back in the truck, I received a phone call notifying me that I had HIS wallet in MY purse. And he was leaving for work. Now.

"It's OK. Today can STILL be a good day!"

I drove BACK home (20 minutes), dropped off the wallet, had a quick sandwich for lunch, and then I FINALLY made my way to Starbucks.

I got there at 4PM.

They closed at 8PM.

Yesterday was not a good day.

Please pray for Blue Betty that she has a speedy recovery. I have a triathlon in less than 2 weeks.



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