Rachel is the first person to receive a TRX Suspension Trainer as part of my TRX Try It Program. What, you don't know Rachel?! If you don't, you really should.

Here's some details about Rachel and why she wanted to try the TRX:

Residence City/State: Houston TX

Blog Name: Rachel Wilkerson's Blog

Blog Address:

Fitness Goals: Lose the 5ish pounds I gained over the summer, and then some. Really, I just want my jeans to fit well and my legs to look sexy in my Halloween costume.

Current Fitness Routine: Cardio (spinning, walking/running on the treadmill) ~4 days a week; one hour Core Fusion 4 days a week

Tell Me a Little Bit About You: I like getting it -- in every sense of the word. I also like giving it. And owning it. Okay, actually, I just like all gerunds.

Well friends, she tried my TRX for the first time!

I knew that Rachel would put a fun ("TRX-Rated") twist on a badass piece of workout equipment, and I'm glad that she's having fun with it.

[but don't have too much fun Rachel...I need that thing back...]

So, go read about losing her TRX Virginity, and all X-rated jokes aside, you should also sign up for the program. It's fun. I promise.



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