TRX Suspension Trainer

I've talked to no end about how much I love my TRX Suspension Trainer.  We are a TRX family--The Mister can often be found in the middle of our neighborhood, hanging from various fixed points on the playground.

[incidentally, that head band still cracks me the hail up.]

I don't lie when I tell you that I only try to hawk you stuff that I really believe in.  I have many grunting, snotty pictures of me hanging from one of our TRX trainers.  Most of them don't even look this good.

Which tells you a lot about my skills at being photographed.  I'm the worst.

Luckily, that's not a requirement of using and loving  the TRX.

If you have ever, for a split second, thought to yourself that you wanted to buy a TRX of your very own, now is the time to do it.  Fitness Anywhere, who makes the TRX Suspension Trainer is having a holiday sale.  This almost never happens.  If you buy a TRX between now and 12/12, you get 20% off plus free shipping.

And, if you're still not ready to make the commitment, just sign up for my TRX Try It Program, which is pretty much commitment free.

[p.s...if you're on the TRX Try It waiting list, I'll be sending you an email update shortly.  I had a slight TRX backup, but we've purchased another and I should have one available soon!]

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