Tuesday Morning Confession

I'm happy to report that the future Mr. and Mrs. Gazelle and their furry and feathered family have survived The Great Move of 2010.  There was a lot of sweating, bruising, whining and complaining, but it's over, and I'm happy to say that we are moved back into the condo that I loved so much.  Pined over.  Dreamed about moving back to. But I kind of miss our old, small, 675 square foot condo.

I kind of miss being piled on top of each other like sardines.

It's weird that I don't have to shut the living room blind before I take a shower with the bathroom door open.

And furthermore, I don't know how I feel about not having to take turns in the bathroom.

I liked the fact that "all of us" had to be in the same room 90% of the time.

We have different "projects" happening in the same 1200 square feet of space, and we're spread out all over the place.  We have 3 TV's now, so we don't have to compromise about what to watch anymore.  We can just be in different rooms.  I have to cook dinner by myself without the benefit of an open floorplan to chit-chat as I chop and slice.

Cooking is lonely now.

I am not complaining.  I'm just adjusting.

I'll be fine.

It's different.



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