UPDATE–Ribbon Tree

This is not exciting to anyone except me, but tonight, whilst consuming several glasses of wine, I made my first ribbon tree.

I'd say that my first ribbon tree was a success, but after attempting to affix the first ribbon with a sequin pin (as the directions said to do), I scrapped the sequin pin idea in favor of my glue gun.  Yes, I used a glue gun while drunk.  I don't recommend it, but it's possible.  The sequin pins just didn't hold the ribbon into the Styrofoam cone very well, and since I plan to use these trees for several years, I didn't want to risk having to replace the ribbon each year.

I didn't realize when I purchased this ribbon that it was white on one side and green/red on the other.  I've never actually encountered ribbon like that, but I don't think that it took too much away from the overall look of the cute little tree.

To make it a little more decorative (and hide the ugly part where the ribbons met at the top of the cone, I enlisted the help of some little felt gift stickers, and standard silver pipe cleaners.

I just took two of the same sticker, stuck the pipe cleaner in the middle...

...then sandwiched everything with the second sticker.

They are impressively sticky.

Then, I stuck the pipe cleaner into the top of the Styrofoam cone, concealing all of the points where my drunk eyes caused me to not line up the ribbons.

I'd deem this project (drunk or not) a success.

I have three more to make.

Send more wine.


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