Will Run For Beer

Here's a newsflash...

I would be getting a lot more for my money if I actually took these shiny new Asics out of the bag, put them on my feet, and ran.  Although last week I had a mental kick in the pants as far as motivation goes, this did not result in a physical kick in the pants.

I am a chronic procrastinator.  I'll just do it tomorrow.

Last week, I also received the cutest necklace from Sporty Girl Jewelry:

Mine actually says "26.2" rather than "13.1", in order to commemorate my marathon.  I thought this would be a nice way to remember my marathon, and hopefully give myself some additional motivation to get moving.  The necklace is adorable and dainty, and I haven't taken it off since I received it...

But it didn't make me run.

Now, it's time for me to keep it real.  I've come to the realization that I've been doing this rationalization thing.  Anytime someone asks me about my 2011 race calendar, I say, "well, I didn't really sign up for any because I hope to be pregnant next year..."

IronGirl Columbia, which is a race that is quite literally in my own backyard, will happen next summer, and I was "hoping" that I'd be pregnant, so I didn't sign up.  In fact, all of the triathlons that I would have liked to do would occur next year at prime pregnancy time, so I didn't sign up.  Although it doesn't make sense to sign up for a bunch of non-refundable, non-transferable races that I might not be able to participate in, it also doesn't make sense for me to put my life on hold because I am "hoping to be pregnant".

Not to mention, the fact that I "hope to be pregnant" next year should not be keeping me from getting back on my previous schedule of working out, and YES...even training for a race if I feel like it.  If I get pregnant in the meantime, then fantastic.  If I don't, then at least I'll be feeling like myself again from a "professional sweater" standpoint.

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Master Trainer, Master Trainer's Wife, My Gazelle, Myself (and a few other ancillary people) are working on getting a non-profit organization set up.  Part of Team Rep Your City (TRYC) was the running club that I talked about last week.  Although the running club won't be active until after TRYC officially launches in the spring, ideas are flying.

...and race calendars are being filled for TRYC.

This, my friends...will make me run.

Yes, I registered for the Yuengling Virginia Beach Shamrock 1/2 Marathon [please clicky and go look at the course map--you'll die].  I'll begin officially training next week, with a short run this weekend just to ensure that I can even run 3 miles without keeling over.  I'm sure I can, but you know...I'm mostly just short on confidence right now.

I registered for this race because, 1) it's sponsored by Yuengling.  Really...how can you go wrong with Yuengling? 2) the course is FLAT, 3) I'll be running with my TRYC friends, and that's all fun,  4) it's Virginia Beach...so it's like a built-in vacation.

I have decided to enlist the help of my friend, Jeff Galloway [we go way back], and his 1/2 marathon training plan for this race.  I will be purposely training to walk/run this 1/2 marathon, which will hopefully be a much kinder and gentler way for my body to participate.

Have any of you used the Galloway method to complete a race?

Am I crazy?

Wait...you should already know by now that I'm crazy.  Don't answer that.

*[p.s...yes, that IS the Tory Burch bag that I mentioned in my post about Christmas last week.  I bought it for My Sista, but I decided to keep it.  My Gazelle thinks it's because it's adorable and I can't part with it.  Truth is, yes, it's adorable and I don't WANT to part with it, but the thing is ENORMOUS, and it would be way too big for her!  Lesson #1 in eBay buying: check the measurements!]


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