A Month In Review

So here's the thing. Several times over the past month, I've attempted to revive this blog with just one post. One single solitary post. I brainstorm. I write notes. I make outlines.

As I toil on day by day, I think of quirky ways to wrap my life into stories that will make you chuckle. Sometimes, I even begin writing a blog post in my head within seconds of a) falling down the stairs at the gym, or b) tripping off of the treadmill in front of millions of people.

The problem?

When I sit down and try to turn these notes, brainstorming sessions, and quirky stories into something living, all I get is this:

Then I become distracted by the notice that "Wordpress 3.0.4 is now available", and begin a series of aimless link-clicking until I finally decide, "No, Wordpress, I don't want to update you right now, and you can't make me!" followed closely by a click over to Facebook, then Twitter, but then the oven timer goes off, and I decide OhMyGoshNowIWillTryToPipeAPurpleUnicornOnACupcake!!

[p.s...tried it, it's really difficult.  In conclusion, piped unicorn cupcakes won't be part of the Sugared Bakery menu.]

I'm distracted, and I haven't figured out yet how to rein everything in and funnel it back into the neatly organized (yet mildly chaotic) fashion that I am so accustomed to.  And I can't think of a clever way to explain to you what has been happening for the past month of my life.

So, I'm reverting to one of the few things that makes sense to the brain of this accountant.  A spreadsheet.

As you can see, this is fascinating stuff.

As you can also see, there needs to be more exercise (and less Facebooking) in my life.  The winter has put me in a state of semi-hibernation.  Although I know that I have 3 races coming up within a matter of weeks, I still managed to take an entire week off from running last week.  I ran 8 miles last Sunday outside, and on Monday morning I woke up with some rogue 5-day sickness.  The cough lingers still, but I finally have the motivation today to get my ass back on the treadmill.

It happens.

And, as long as I'm doing a thoughtful analysis of the past month of my life, for the sake of any of you ladies who will be making "conception" a planned event rather than an accidental occurrence, don't.  You will make.yourself.crazy.  I'm not joking when I tell you that I wasted 20% of January on pregnancy testing.  I peed on more sticks than should even be legal.  It's just not OK.  Lesson learned, won't do it again.

However, I'd like to think that the 20% of time that I (we) spent house hunting balances out the 20% of time that I spent peeing on sticks.  Right?  And yes, I realize that we did just move in July, and that move in July marked the the 16th time that I've moved in the past 15 years and all, but truthfully, we need more space.  I am, after all, not peeing on sticks for entertainment purposes, so there is a goal in mind to add children to our life soon.  I'd rather plan a move now than do it while pregnant and/or carting around an infant/toddler.

Can I get an amen?

At the moment, we've put an offer on a house that is absolutely perfect for us.  It's a short sale, so we're impatiently waiting for the seller's bank to respond back to our offer.  Fingers crossed.

There you have it.  You haven't missed much.  Just a lot of laughing and peeing. Followed closely by laughing at peeing.  Aren't you glad I came back to share?


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