A Spunky Little Giveaway

When I rededicated myself to weightlifting at the end of February, I quickly realized why people feel intimidated with the thought of moving away from the cardio equipment at the gym.

Cardio is so...comfortable.

It's so easy to walk in the gym and just hop on one of the many pieces of cardio equipment for 40 minutes and call it a day. You don't have to think about what you're doing because the machine kind of does everything for you. And there's usually a TV in front of you to boot.

For four years, the treadmill was like my own personal La-Z-Boy.

When I started weightlifting again, I instantly remembered why I fell in love with it in the first place. It makes me feel spunky.

If you ever asked me to describe myself in one word (even when I was much younger), this is the word that I'd use. I identify with this word. It's MY adjective.

Mizfit talked about this very thing a couple of years ago. I left a comment back then to tell her what my one word was, and looking back at it now, I realize that I am at a completely different place in my life than I was back then. Leave it to the Internet to remind me (again) of how far I've come.

I read this comment now, and I'm like "oh my wow...did I really ever have to TRY to let myself be loved?!" I'm amazed. Love is so free and flowing now. It's natural. It wasn't back then...it felt foreign and uncomfortable.

Kind of how I felt about weightlifting 2 months ago. My, how quickly things change in Joggersville!

When I walk into the gym now, I don't gravitate towards the treadmill. In fact, I try to stay off of the treadmill as much as humanly possible (although, I do have The Boilermaker 15K in July to train for). I've found that mixing my workouts up as much as possible, and including free weights, body weight exercises, and cardio into the same workout gives me the biggest workout bang for my buck.

It makes me feel spunky. Strong. Confident. Determined. Generous.


I just found HardWear Designs on Etsy, and I fell completely in love with basically everything in the store. The bracelet above is made of sterling silver and suede, and it is customizable with your very own word. You pick the word, and HardWear Designs will send you the bracelet.

To Enter:

1) Leave a comment below and  tell me your word.

2) Tweet it and leave me a comment to let me know you did: @joggerslife is giving away a HardWear Designs custom bracelet! http://bit.ly/elaajH

3) Blog about it, then leave me a comment with the link!

Maximum 3 entries per person. Giveaway ends at noon on Tuesday, May 3rd!


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