Announcement! Big News! BLOGGING FOR A CHANGE

When I started blogging back in 2009, I thought that I was just starting an online journal of the challenges I faced as I trained for my very first 15K. Having recently finished treatment for my eating disorder at that time, I was nervous about how I would handle the process of training for a race. This blog was just going to be my accountability and sounding board. I assumed that nobody would ever care enough to read it. Then I received a comment. Then another one. An email telling me how much I inspired someone to begin running. A picture of someone crossing the finish line at their first 5K. Half marathon. Marathon.

I quickly realized that with just my words, I could make a difference; even if it was only a small one.

Besides receiving all of your comments and emails, I genuinely enjoy the relationships that have come as a result of the comments, questions, emails, and even meeting fellow bloggers at the conferences that I've attended. The relationships that have come for me as a result of blogging really cannot be compared.

I received an email last week from the lovely Jasmine of Eat, Move, Write. Included on the email were Jen, a Prior Fat Girl, and Bella of Feed Me I'm Cranky. I have worked together with these ladies in the past, so I wasn't surprised to receive an email from Jasmine. What surprised me was the way that Jasmine's words spoke directly to me.

Jasmine expressed to us that for some time, she and her husband Ryan had been feeling a desire to unite the blogging community together to form a strong and powerful force; a force to create change. Jasmine asked me, Jen, and Bella to come on board for this huge blogging initiative.

Blogging for a Change: Uniting the blogging community to prove that together, we can make a difference.

Our first initiative: raise money to donate towards disaster relief in Japan. With the weight of the recent tragedy in Japan weighing heavily on my heart and mind, I had already been racking my brain trying to figure some way to make an impact on my own. When I read Jasmine's email, a light bulb went off. There is strength in numbers!

Incidentally, we all fed off of Jasmine's passion. Before we knew it, we were about 20 emails invested, and in less than 24 hours, we had nearly launched a charity.  In less than 24 hours, we had all taken Jasmine's initial concept, threw it in the hopper, churned it out and made it into a reality.

We're Blogging For A Change in Japan.

Soon, you'll see me posting information about our Blogging For A Change rally.  If you read Jen, Jasmine, and Bella's blogs, you'll also see the same information there.

The Blogging for a Change Rally will offer all of our readers the opportunity to contribute towards the relief efforts in Japan, just by donating money to disaster relief, you can enter to win products that we know you'll love. Several companies dedicated to healthy missions of positivity, goodness, and health have already come forward to offer their incredible products in this rally.

Although we have received responses from many great companies so far, if we have more sponsors, we can offer our readers more great prizes, which means we also raise more money for Japan.

Because of that, we have now opened up our sponsorship to all companies with a healthy mission. If your company would like to donate, please contact me with the following information:

-          Product name, quantity of products, and product description.

-          High quality product image for rally use and for publicity purpose.

-          Short blurb about your company and your website.

-          Shipping details (Example: Ships to US Residents only, International Shipping Okay, etc).

All products will be featured on all four bloggers’ websites, reaching thousands of readers and benefiting from the power of social media.

In the coming days, we will announce the launch of a website and offer blog badges for all of our readers to use on their own blogs. Stay tuned--the more people who bring attention to Blogging For A Change, the more money is donated! Lastly, we would love if you provided your ideas as far as what companies you’d like to see in the mix.

Feel free to link to their websites! A lot of them follow trackbacks! The more attention we get, the better!

Although our first initiative for Blogging For A Change will be to donate for disaster relief in Japan, we have plans to create a vibrant community of bloggers who really care and want to make a difference.  Once we start, we don't plan to stop!

Stay tuned for more info!


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