Blogging For A Change Rally For Japan

Good morning! I am extremely excited to announce that the Blogging for a Change Donation Rally for Japan is now open and accepting entries and donations.

Blogging for a Change has worked with some fantastic companies to bring you more than 60 product entries. These companies have generously donated product to help us build support and donations for a very important cause: disaster relief efforts in Japan.

As you know, more than 10,000 individuals have died in Japan and untold numbers remain injured, devastated, and wounded in ways most of us really cannot imagine. Blogging for a Change is dedicated to making a difference, and we need your help to do that.

The Donation Rally allows you to enter to win one free entry per item. Additional entries can be had through donations.

Here's how to participate:

Scroll through the items on the Donation Rally page.

  1. When you find something you like, use the drop down to select your donation amount and select "donate."
  2. You will be taken to another page, but don't worry if you aren't done - hit the "continue shopping" button to come back to this page.
  3. Don't forget to click the "One Free Entry" for each item -- no donation required.
  4. When you've entered all your donations, use PayPal's secure check out process.

Remember, 100% of your donation will go straight to the Red Cross to help Japan rebuild!

Over the past several weeks, we at Blogging for a Change have put our hearts and souls into this movement. We have worked late into the night and risen early to complete the many tasks associated with making this dream a reality.

Today, we turn it over to you. It is up to our readers and our fellow bloggers to make this venture into a viral success that can help change lives.

How You Can Help

Here are a few ways you can help the Blogging for a Change Donation Rally succeed:

  1. Donate! Don't worry if you can't give a lot. There is power in numbers. That's why we're doing this!
  2. Follow us on Twitter and invite your friends to follow us, as well. Use the hashtag #bloggingforachange
  3. Follow us on Facebook and invite your friends to do the same.
  4. Grab the Blogging for a Change button on the right-hand side of my page.

Stay tuned for more opportunities to get involved with Blogging for a Change. This is just the beginning!

More Information

To learn more about Blogging for a Change, visit the website. Also, check out our FAQs page, The Movement page, and The Team page for more information.