Boilermaker 15K Training Plan

It literally just occurred to me today that I have a race next month. I've had so much going on with houses and family-starting [because using the term 'baby making' in this sense seemed really wrong] that I forgot one minor detail: I need to TRAIN if I want to RACE.


Minor detail.

So, the official Boilermaker 15K training plan starts today. It's about a week late, considering the fact that I have only been walking for the past few weeks, but it'll all work out. I'll walk or walk/run it if I have to. The important part is that I'm moving and I ultimately finish, right?!

In any case, here's the plan:

In other news, literally the day after I wrote a full post explaining the long, short sale saga of our soon-to-be new home, something magical happened. I woke up on Friday morning as usual, [checking my email as soon as my eyeballs open], and there was a standard automated email from my real estate agent with all of the new and updated listings. I generally open the email and skim the listings, but don't pay much attention. After all, we had a house already!

Then, I saw this house.

And I decided to do more than skim.

It turns out that this house had everything we wanted: 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, plenty of back yard for our dogs, a lovely deck, and it was in one of our favorite neighborhoods. It was in the neighborhood that My Gazelle and I had driven through on many occasions, talking about "...someday, maybe be can live here!" We never thought that day would come, though, since properties in this neighborhood were well above our modest budget.

Short sale!

Needs TLC!

I called my real estate agent when I got to the office, and by 11:30, I was at the property scoping it out. It definitely needed TLC, and the previous owners were definitely hard on the house, but I felt like I was "home" when I went inside [despite the duct-taped fireplace, textured wall paint, and filthy carpets]. We immediately put an offer on it.

We're under contract now...just playing the waiting game again with the bank.

Patience is not my forte, as I've mentioned several times in the past.

Hopefully I can distract myself with my training plan for the next few weeks while we patiently wait!


So what is everyone training for right now?!



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