Chocolate Caramel Cracker Crisps (GIVEAWAY!)

Here we are again...another day, another sweet recipe that I may or may not feel inclined to eat. This time, rather than throw away 1/2 a dozen Banana Oatmeal Crunch Muffins, I smartened up and threw some chocolate up in the mix. My Gazelle will eat it if it includes chocolate.

Bananas, not so much.

But he'll gladly drink a green smoothie. He's an enigma, that man.

Another great way to convince him that something is worth eating is to show him that I've made it somehow healthier than the original, yet magically made it taste just as delicious. I happen to be involved in one of the few marriages where my husband is more concerned about the state of his waistline than I am about mine. And I'm concerned, so that tells you a lot about him and his waistline worries.

This recipe came about because Wasa reached out to me and asked me if I wanted to try their "Crispbread" products. With the knowledge that I already had several Wasa products in my pantry, and that I can often be seen lately slathering any number of Wasa products with peanut butter before my workout, of course I said yes. What I didn't know is that the product that I frequently munch on before I work out is in fact called "Crispbread".

[cue the collective "duh" please]

Then I wondered how I can eat a product so often, yet never know what it's actually called. I thought this "Wasa Crispbread" was new. It's not. I eat it all the time. Especially in the past 4 months.

Since I have been back on track with my workouts, I have been scheduling in my (usually) three mall walks per week in the evenings, as well as two weight-lifting sessions during the week. However, unlike before I was growing a baby, I just can't work out on an empty stomach these days. I get Hangry, and I need to eat first.

This is what usually saves the day (and my blood sugar).


Wasa Fiber Crispbread (because really...what pregnant lady doesn't need fiber?), with a smattering of natural peanut butter, and raisins tossed on top. It's quick, easy, calorie-reasonable, and it keeps me full until I can eat my planned dinner. It works miracles, and keeps my Hangry in check so that I still have a friend to walk with.

Wasa offered me some free samples of their Crispbread, and I could have just told you about how I eat Crispbread to keep away the Hangry before my workouts, but that would be boring. So, I decided instead to remix one of my old-school recipes using Wasa Crispbread.


And then, it was fun again.


I must preface this recipe by first telling you that it's not really a "healthy" recipe per se. These days, I'm not really a fan of cutting out fat, sugar, and butter just in the name of making a recipe "look" better. Treats are treats, and they're to be eaten in moderation, so I would rather just eat the real thing if I'm going to eat it (which happens pretty infrequently these days, since Baby #1 would rather have me eat potato chips and french fries).

For this recipe remix, the only thing I did differently is substituted saltine crackers for Wasa Fiber Crispbread. However, just by making that one little change, I added an additional 2 grams of fiber per serving. Not to mention, the ingredient list is far less weirdish on the Wasa Crispbread than it is on a standard saltine, and that is a big deal to me.

Screen shot 2011-09-26 at 8.56.24 AM
Screen shot 2011-09-26 at 8.56.24 AM

Chocolate Caramel Cracker Crisps

[printable recipe]

14 Wasa Fiber Crispbread Slices (or any Wasa Crispbread)

1 C Salted Butter

1 C Packed Brown Sugar

2-3 C Semisweet Chocolate Chips

1 C Chopped Walnuts

  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees, and cover a cookie sheet with parchment paper or aluminum foil (don't use waxed paper--I learned this lesson the hard way. Don't be like me).
  2. Break Crispbreads in half, and line up side by side on the baking sheet, pushing them close together to avoid large gaps.
  3. Combine butter and brown sugar in a small pan, and bring to a boil. Boil for 3 minutes, then pour the hot caramel mixture over top of the Crispbread. Using a rubber spatula, spread the caramel evenly across the Crispbread.
  4. Place the cookie sheet in the oven for 5-6 minutes.
  5. Remove from the oven, and sprinkle the chocolate chips on top. Wait 1-2 minutes for them to melt, then spread them evenly using a rubber spatula. Sprinkle chopped walnuts on top.
  6. Cool completely, then put cookie sheet in the freezer or fridge before breaking apart (to make the chocolate less melty). Store in the fridge for the least messy eating experience.

And, it's good. Really, really good. I know this because I actually tried some...and that says a lot these days.

Now, as if a chocolaty, fiber-rich recipe weren't enough, here's the really fun part. You can be the proud owner of your very own Wasa Crispbread.

All you have to do is:

  1. Visit Wasa's Facebook page. Check out the "Snackspiration" page, and then the "recipe gallery". They have tons of ideas about how to eat your Wasa.
  2. Come back here and leave me a comment letting me know how you would eat your Crispbread. With peanut butter and raisins? Would you dip it in Nutella? Spread Laughing Cow cheese on it? Melt some cheddar on it, then throw some apple slices on top?

Is this just me? Am I the only one who eats Crispbread with everything?

Tell me, and win some for yourself!

The winner will be chosen before I leave for vacation on Friday September 30th, so be quick!