Cupcake Thursday

So, just in case you missed my nonchalant announcement the other day, today is the first weekly Cupcake Thursday installment.  Don't be upset if you don't have a cupcake today.  Next week I'm confident that you'll be more prepared. In an effort to continue honing my cupcakery skills, I've decided to make cupcakes at a minimum of once a week on Thursdays.  Despite the fact that I had worked a full day yesterday, then trucked it over to the gym for a 60 minute spin class after work, I was still excited about making cupcakes so close to bedtime.

That's love.

Luckily for these chocolate chocolate cupcakes (with a white chocolate swirl), they didn't cut into my sleep time.  If they had, we might have had a big problem.

Now, let's just pretend for a moment that I didn't inadvertently leave fingerprint evidence on this poor little cupcake's  Sugared Bakery heart.

As long as we're in the mood to be visionaries, I know it's hard to imagine, but let's just pretend that this...

Actually still looks like this...

Because the knowledge that I unknowingly fed my beloved Wilton 1M piping tip to the garbage disposal is just too much to bear at this juncture.  It is also the reason why today's cupcakes are frosted in such a "Hostess" fashion--I didn't have my coveted 1M.  Because I threw it away.  And turned on the garbage disposal.  And heard it being murdered.  And fished it out.  And cried.

So, let's pretend none of that ever happened, and the buttercream looks all pretty and swirly like it's supposed to.

Something you don't have to pretend?  The fact that these cupcakes will be gone before you can say "vegan buttercream".

Feel free to celebrate Cupcake Thursday with me.  Today is a lovely day to eat a cupcake, just in case you needed an excuse.


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