Diary of a Mall Walker

Dear Diary,

Last year at this time, I had completed my first triathlon just three short months prior. I was still celebrating my second triathlon finish (as pathetic of a finish as it was...I'll still take it). I was signing up for 1/2 marathons. I had grand dreams of run/walking myself all the way around the universe. I was unstoppable.

I was an idiot...

To think that I wasn't going to be slowed down by the prospect of 4 pregnancies in less than a year. To think that my hormones weren't going to be raging and pissed off. To think that I was the type of Super Woman that would just traipse through heartache and comfort-eating and come out unscathed.

Not so much.

I was just talking to My Gazelle last night about what a rough year it's been for me physically. My poor body. I literally feel sorry for the abuse...but at some point along the way, I realized that I might as well just suck up the extra 15 pounds that I've earned and just keep it moving. I found resolution with the fact that for at least the next 12 months, I will not be any more comfortable in my body than I am at this very moment.

I just wasn't willing to derail the baby train so that I could get back to my pre-infertility-drama comfort zone.

Then I got pregnant again! Hooray! I'm pregnant...what a wonderful blessing. But I'm starting off on the high-end of my comfort zone. I've worried about this before. This is not a surprise. However, I've come to another resolution. My inevitable weight gain and my workout schedule are completely separate issues. One can always exist without the other.

I just wasn't prepared to face the fatigue. The absolute, total, complete, all-encompassing fatigue that comes along with the first few months of pregnancy. I'm not exaggerating. It seems that I'm at the tail-end of this phenomenon right now, but for many weeks, making a trip up a flight of stairs was enough to require a 20-minute nap.

I'm not making excuses.

OK. I'm making excuses. I feel the need to justify the fact that I've gone from being a marathoner, triathlete, all-around active person...to a mall walker. I walk. In the mall. On purpose. My life for the past few months has basically been one huge reality check.

I suppose that being a mall walker rightnow doesn't negate the fact that I've been a marathoner and a triathlete in the past. I am still all of those things that I was before, I'm just sort of putting my most active life on 'pause' at the moment. I'm staying active in the best way I can for my body. I'm still sweating, it's just happening in a mall.



And now, time to set some goals...which I never really do. So, my goal this week is to pick up some weights today and Thursday. I was doing this early on in my pregnancy, but somewhere between normal everyday activities (such as climbing stairs and showering), I ran out of energy. Since my energy seems to be slowing coming back now (and I'm able to eat much healthier than before (more energy!)), adding weights back into the mix a couple of times a week seems reasonable.

So, for now, I walk the mall. One lap around my mall is a mile, and Wifey and I are doing 4-5 laps 3 times per week. Apparently, this is my training plan for the Loch Ness 10K that I'll be doing in a few weeks (as usual...I keep forgetting that this vacation includes a race)! Luckily Wifey will be in Scotland with me, walking the 10K.

So, diary...there it is. I'm a mall walker.



Thanks for listening.



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