Feeding Frenzy

Here's a newsflash: I have a slight case of A.D.D. I get very distracted, very easily.

I have a big girl job, and it requires my attention. Lately, I have had a difficult time giving it the attention that it needs because I'm too distracted with all of my charity rallying and cupcake baking. Add to that the fact that TLC has a new show called "Extreme Couponing", which has suddenly caused my little Coupon Binder Store to blow the hell up...and this is surely a recipe for big girl job suicide.

Don't mistake this for a rant, because I'm not complaining about any of the above ventures. All I'm saying is 'wow.theres.alot.of.stuff.going.on.all.the.time.ova.hea!"

On top of all of the aforementioned, I love reading blogs. Funny blogs, cooking blogs, running blogs, food blogs...blogs. I just love reading blogs.

Blog reading is pretty much at the pinnacle of distraction for me.

In my blog-reading travels, I came across a post by MizFit that struck a chord with me. The idea that anyone (ie. Mizfit) could possibly live life without having a blog reader or a blog feed was shocking. The idea that she doesn't wake up each and every morning with at least 30 new "things" on her to do list was absolutely scandalous.

Then I started thinking about the responsibility that I have attached to blog reading. I feel guilty if I don't read my favorite blogs and stay up-to-date with my blends' lives. Then, I realized how unrealistic this is in the grand scheme of life. I don't have a single friend in my life who would be pissed at me if I didn't check in with them every single day for an update. It's impossible.

We all have lives.

Although I love reading blogs, I also attach a certain amount of "uhhhh...I have to catch up on blogs" to the whole process of reading blogs. I've combed through my reader more than once, deleting the blogs that don't interest me as much as I thought they would, or as much as they used to. No matter how many times I try to pare down my subscriptions, I always end up with more blogs than I really have time to read.

It becomes exhausting.

It's ridiculous.

Today, I deleted all of my reader subscriptions. I actually had a slight moment of panic.

And then I realized that I could free myself from the shackles of Google Reader.

And I bookmarked my favorite blogs instead.

Now, I'll read at my own leisure. Google Reader can't tell me what to do anymore.

Do you Feed, Bookmark, or just type your favorite blogs in manually? Am I the only one who was losing my mind over Google Reader?


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