Friday Five

Today, in celebration of Hurricane Irene, which has led to the cancellation of our housewarming party (booo!), I'm starting a new feature called Friday Five. Every Friday, I'm going to highlight five posts amid the mighty blogosphere that made an impression on me [for one reason or another].



1) I found a post on MommaCooks, whose original purpose was to provide a list of the "menu" that she offers to her children on a daily basis for their packed lunches. My initial reaction to this post was "wow...what an awesome mom...she gives them a menu?!" My second thought was "well, this might be handy if I had kids that were starting school next week...but alas...the embryo is still cooking", and lastly, I thought "there are some really great ideas on this list for MY lunches!"

How great would it be to properly space that lovely list out, print it out in 'landscape' format, laminate it at Kinkos, then plan your weekly lunches with a dry-erase marker (noting the days of the week next to each food in the list)? I can see my grocery trip becoming much easier, and my 'baby' belly (which looks like a questionable beer gut at this stage) slowing down it's growth, as I wouldn't have to eat lunch out every day. This, my darlings, is on the 'to do' list.

2) Then, there was this little gem from Rachel, which needs no further explanation. Just go read it, it's worth the click.

3) For those of you who are nerdy like me and enjoy reading about home renovations, projects, and generally crafty stuff, you'll probably enjoy two posts (part I & part II) from Sherry at Young House Love, in which she completely beautifies a ghastly rocking chair that she found on Craig's List. Having recently deemed myself as "the Craig's List Queen", this one struck a chord with me. Just wait till you see all of the Craig's List junk that I've acquired in the past 2 months.

4) This post is not new, but I have it bookmarked, and I just read it again (and laughed as much as I did the first time), so I wanted to share. Enjoy.

5) Last but not least, there was a guest post on Jenna's blog (Eat Live Run), which included a recipe for the most adorable Boston Cream Pie Cookies. And, as soon as I can digest something other than hamburgerless Hamburger Helper and apple juice, these are on my list!

So, that's it!

Have a lovely weekend everyone! And, if you happen to be in the path of Irene like I am (**sigh...housewarming party...sigh**), grab some candles, bust out the game of Scrabble, and stay safe!

Did you find any great posts this week in the blogoverse? Please share in the comments!



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