Friday Five

Oh my "Friday Five" bookmarks folder is overflowing this week. I have found far more than five noteworthy posts this week, so I guess that some of them will have to wait until next week!

On a total side note: did you know that PUMPKIN is back at Dunkin Donuts? I may or may not be eating one of these disgusting maybe-there's-real-pumpkin-in-it-maybe-there's-not munchkins as I type.


All I know is that it tastes quite delicious, and I stopped at 2. My pancreas is thanking me.

1. Speaking of hyperglycemia, this is not a new post by The Girl Who Ate Everything, but it's one you don't want to miss. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes. Um. Yum! Since cupcakes are near and dear to my heart, I've printed this recipe, and plan to find a really good reason to make them sometime soon.

2. I totally blame this bookmark on Laura (who is incidentally supposed to have a baby the same week as me) for filling my head with visions of Caribbean food last week. As a result, I haven't stopped daydreaming about this Pelau recipe that I found, and it's also on the short list of recipes I must try very soon.

3. If you've ever been curious about just how much money the average "hobby" blogger makes, Tina breaks it all down in her post about blog money. I appreciate her honesty, and I'm glad that she wrote this post. It just goes to show that most of us blog for the love of it, and the money comes second!

4. This has nothing to do with blogging or food, but I resurrected a website this week that I used to be completely reliant upon. I have no idea why I deviated. I've discussed this before, but I have Rosacea, and it's aggravated by sweat, sun, and heat. It's kind of a pain in my ass, actually. I was using a prescription cream for a while, but I wasn't too keen on the idea of throwing crazy chemicals all over my face just to keep the acne away. Then, I discovered DermaDoctor Calm, Cool & Corrected moisturizer. It is amazing stuff, and takes away all of my rosacea woes. Unfortunately, it costs $85 for each container, which lasts me about 4-6 weeks. It was really cramping my style (new house, broken pool bills, baby on the way....ahhhhh!). Enter Ebates...the website that basically pays you to shop. It's crazy that I forgot about this website, since 2 years ago, I got a check back for like $250 after I did all of my online Christmas shopping there. Duh! So I checked out my moisturizer on Ebates, and I was able to get it through, which pays me 12% back ($10.20) through Ebates, and then gives me an additional 5% back to spend on their website on a future purchase ($4.25). So, I got my ridiculous $85 face cream for $70.55, with free shipping. I'd say that if I have to have ridiculously expensive face cream, I should at least save $14.45 on it every time I buy it.

5. I can't seem to make it through a single Friday Five post without featuring one of Jenna's (Eat Live Run) I guess that I shouldn't break the pattern now. This Sour Cream Coffee Cake with Cinnamon Oat Streusel looks like something I need to eat for breakfast tomorrow. I'm going to make that happen.

That's it--hopefully there's a link or two in there that makes your skirt fly up!

Have a fantastic weekend!

tell me lets talk
tell me lets talk

Anything fun planned this weekend??

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