Glitter Puff Wishes and Buttercream Dreams

Did you know that I'm in the process of starting a little bakery?  Did you also know what an arduous process it is to open a business?  It's crazy.  I've had some experience starting businesses at my current "big girl job", but I've always had the luxury of handing things over to an attorney at the point when things get tricky.  In my real life, not so much. 'Google' is the new 'attorney'.

The process of starting a business is very exciting, especially when it's something that I've had a burning desire to accomplish for the past 30 years of my life.  I've always wanted to be a chef or a baker.  Always.  Ask my Mom, she'll tell you about my endless hours in the kitchen learning how to bake.  What she probably won't tell you is about the time when my friend and I fell into a heap on the floor laughing, because reducing a recipe by 1/2 was just too complicated.

("what the hail is 1/2 of 2/3???!!!")

Incidentally, math is not my forte.

Incidentally, that aforementioned "big girl job"--is an accountant.  Now that's enough to make me fall on the floor laughing.

Because it's always been my dream, I didn't mind staying up until 3AM packing glitter puff cookies in their customized packages for Sugared Bakery's first job ever!

Lisa and Stephen didn't have a baby shower.  They had a baby party!  Their baby party was about 60 guests, so I made 120 glitter puff cookies with personalized labels for each package.

Each guest received a cookie favor with 2 glitter puff cookies in a cute little package.

Around midnight on Friday (the day before the shower), I decided that I NEEDED to make Lisa and Stephen vegan cupcakes as well.  I had so much fun making the cookies that I just had to make 2 dozen chocolate vegan cupcakes with chocolate vegan buttercream.  You know.  For good measure.

[wasn't that punny of me?]

There were no vegans at the party, but I just felt inspired.  Since there were no vegans at the party, I decided it would be prudent to include a hand-piped chocolate heart (non-vegan) on each cupcake, and then finished the cupcakes with royal blue sanding sugar to match the cookie favors.

Here they are, displayed at the shower.

From what I hear, everyone loved my goodies, and I was so happy to provide these treats for Lisa and Stephen!

As I was standing in my kitchen at 2AM, with sore knees, an aching back, and dry eyeballs, piping chocolate buttercream onto cupcakes, I realized something very important.  When I do things that I love, even when I'm putting myself through agony, it just doesn't feel like a chore.  Despite the fact that I had cookie batter, powdered sugar and buttercream strewn throughout my kitchen, I couldn't stop smiling.  Then, as I rolled out of bed on Saturday morning after only 4 hours of sleep so that I could get everything finished, I was still smiling.

I am taking a huge risk in order to fulfill a lifelong dream.  It's complicated, but it's worth it.

Stay tuned.  Cupcake Thursdays will become a new installment at Joggers Life, while I develop new cupcake flavors and experiment for my Taste Crew!