House Buying, Crack Finding, Charity Commencing.

Somehow, I always manage to involve myself in at least three simultaneous projects that require my attention RIGHTNOWHURRYUPDOIT! RIGHTNOW is no exception. My absence this week has been due to two equally-as-important causes:

1) We're (My Gazelle and I) buying a house.

2) We're (Annabel, Jasmine, Jen and I) starting a charity.

I've been looking at a lot of things like this--

And this--

And this--

And this--

And then more of this--

Nobody likes rot damage.

Crack is wack.

I now have an ever-growing list of "things we'll need to purchase/fix/replace for the new house but can't afford to purchase/fix/replace right now". Thank goodness I've barely had time to consider the possibility that our new home is on it's way to becoming a full-fledged Money Pit.

Blogging For A Change has consumed my life for the past three(ish) weeks. Do you guys have any idea what setting up a 501(c)3 charity entails?

Paperwork. Lots and lots of paperwork.

The great news is that we are going LIVE with our Blogging For A Change Rally For Japan on Monday, April 4th. My birthday is tomorrow. In honor of my birthday, I think you should donate money to Japan. You know--just an idea.

Donate. Win Cool Stuff. Change the World.

It's really that simple. On Monday, the Blogging For A Change Donation Rally for Japan will be open for entries into the giveaway. Each item up for grabs (provided by companies like Polar, New Balance, Attune, Stonyfield) will have it's own "Donate Now" button. You can enter once for free, or for a small donation to Japan, you can also buy additional entries to win the item.

It's seriously a win/win scenario.

For a full list of companies that have jumped on board and donated their products to the giveaway, check out the Donation Rally page at Blogging For A Change. The list is AMAZING.

I sincerely hope that all of you will go to Blogging For A Change on Monday and purchase some entries for the giveaway. Since we're sending the proceeds of the rally directly to The Red Cross, you'll be helping a great cause.

If you'd like to read a much more eloquent description of our Blogging For A Change Rally, try reading Annabel's, Jasmine's, or Jen's.

Unlike me, they are able to talk about charity without also talking about crack.

Are you a company that wants to donate your products to the Blogging For A Change Rally for Japan? There's still time! Contact me for more information!