Kitchen Inspiration Needed

In the midst of all of my "activities" as of late (charity organizing, cupcake baking, race-skipping), I have become a little more lax in the cooking department than I would like to admit. While I still cook dinner 90% of the time, my dinner plate looks far less inspired than I would normally prefer. Even more concerning is the fact that I have been eating take out for lunch approximately 99% of the time. This makes me cringe, because I know that these quick lunches are to blame for that squishy feeling I'm experiencing around my belly button region.

Making healthy choices at a restaurant is easy for me, but I'm sure that my version of chicken and brown rice has far less added junk in it than the restaurant version. If I had some great dinner leftovers to eat for lunch, I would be far less likely to eat lunch out 99% of the time.

I blame my lack of kitchen inspiration on three things: 1) busyness, 2) laziness, 3) I need ideas!

Yesterday, as I was contemplating this very dilemma that I have got myself into,  Jen (a of my favorite girls ever...) posted this Tweet:

And I immediately wanted to see every single response that she received!

I read a few cooking blogs, but honestly, The Pioneer Woman is not exactly healthy. Delicious, but not healthy. I love reading Mama Pea's recipes (p.s...have you pre-ordered her cookbook yet?), but I'd like to read more blogs that focus most of their attention on healthy cooking.

Incidentally, I read a few days ago that many of the farmers markets in Maryland opened last weekend (nearly a month early), due to an abundance of spring crops. This is wonderful news! I have to go to the farmer's market! I have to cook!

[I understand that was far too much exclamation for one paragraph, but really...vegetables are exciting business]

I need inspiration! Now, I ask you dear readers. Help Jen and I feel inspired to cook beautiful meals.

What are your favorite healthy cooking blogs?

Please do link and promote and let yourself be seen, lurkers! I need help!


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