Monday Morning Math Lesson.

Just a little math for you this morning. It'll be easy, I promise.

OK, ready?

2 (us)

+ 2 (them)

+ 1 (her)

+ 1 (!!!!!!!!!!)


= our little family!

This latest development is actually the reason for my "blog silence" lately. I have this condition in that unless I can talk to you about exactly what I want to talk about, I can't talk about anything. It's kind of an affliction. Because of all of the problems I've had staying pregnant (which you can read a little about here and here), I decided to keep the news of my pregnancy sort of quiet for a while. I've learned from past experience that the un-telling process is much less enjoyable than the telling process is.

My Gazelle and I actually had our first appointment at a fertility clinic scheduled for July 11th. The fun part about this whole story is that we found out I was pregnant on July 7th, which meant that we didn't need to keep our appointment because I was already pregnant. Although I would've taken the "infertility clinic route" in a millisecond (and was fully prepared to), I was happy to not need as much medical intervention as anticipated.

This time around, as soon as I found out I was pregnant, I immediately called my doctor and requested to be put on a progesterone supplement. After having two back-to-back miscarriages, I didn't want to chance losing another pregnancy because of something as simple as a progesterone deficiency. I already had reason to believe that my levels were typically low (because I had early pregnancy blood work in the past that indicated low levels), and since progesterone is the hormone that keeps you pregnant, I wasn't messing around this time.

I took a pregnancy test while I was visiting my family in New York for 'summer vacation'. Throughout the course of that week, I hiked up Bald Mountain, enjoyed several trips down the Cascade Falls and Black River water slides at Enchanted Forest, and I even ran/walked The Boilermaker 15K as originally planned. I didn't overdo it, but I was not willing to believe that the simple act of living my normal life was going to cause me to lose this pregnancy. I had fallen into that pattern for a good portion of the previous 10 months, and I wasn't going to do it again.

And now, I've further affirmed my position that water slides, running, hiking, and exercise in general do not cause me to have miscarriages. Because I'm still pregnant, and I've done all of the above in the past 10.5 weeks.

I have learned to trust myself again. It turns out that I still know my body, despite all of the drama that it has caused me over the past year.

I have still continued to work out when my energy levels and schedule will allow me. However, with having moved recently and trying to get everything in order with our house, I'm TIRED. Only over the past week have I started to feel a little relief from my ALL DAY sickness, so hopefully (even just a tiny bit of) my energy will return soon as well (please?).

So for now, the plan is to just eat the foods that my body will allow (meat is pretty much off-limits right now...*gag*), get the boxes lying all over our new house unpacked, prepare for our housewarming party (this coming Saturday), move my body as often as possible, prepare for our trip to Scotland (which has somehow managed to sneak up on me), and just be happy.

Not allow myself to be overwhelmed with everything that "needs" to be done, and just enjoy this time in my life. Stay present. Relax.

Everything is falling into place, and it makes me smile.


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