My Favorite Workout: Cardio Blast

I definitely had a fun time last year when I went to Fitbloggin', but I have to admit that my experience this year was even better. I think that I owe it in part to these two ladies:

My Fitbloggin' buds (Jen and Beth).

Incidentally, every time anyone said the name "Beth", both of us would answer, since my family and friends call me 'Beth' too!

I've been trying to use the past few weeks to kick myself back into gear with a workout plan. Although I'm don't plan to dwell incessantly on my progress in the 'babymakin' realm, I will tell you that I was recently pregnant again, and (sadly), it did not end well. As a result, I spent the last week of April and about two weeks thereafter feeling out of sorts, immobile, and very fluffy.

Last week was only my second week of being back on a workout schedule, so I made sure to work out as much as possible while I was at Fitbloggin'. Jen and I hit the gym twice while we were there (Thursday and Friday), but after that, our days were pretty jam packed with activities, so I couldn't fit in a workout.

Today, I plan to do something that will make me sweat for at least 30 minutes [obviously, I still haven't come up with a plan].

It'll probably look something like this--my favorite Cardio Blast Workout. I love doing interval workouts, and this is my favorite way to combine cardio with a little bit of weight/body weight training.



1) Biceps Curls (barbell or dumbbell)

2) Triceps cable push downs or Triceps Dumbbell Kickback

3) Pushups

4) Lying Leg-Hip Raise

5) 90 seconds treadmill incline blast (turn the treadmill up to 10% or more incline, and blast out a 90 second power walk/jog/run)

x 3-5 sets

I do all of these exercises in a series, take 1-2 minutes of rest, then repeat!


Then, I take a nap.


What is your favorite workout??




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