No More Excuses.

Thank you all so much for the congratulations and love last week when I told you I was celebrating my 4 year Purge-iversary. It means a lot to know that I have support around every corner, and virtual support is sometimes the best kind. "We" can hide behind the safety of "our" computer, writing all of "our" innermost feelings without fear of judgment and rejection. And by "we" I mean me...the over-sensitive, all-feeling former fat girl middle child.

And by "fat" I mean chubby.

In any case, at some point over the weekend, I got tired of hearing myself make excuses. I had 8 dozen cupcakes and 4 dozen cookies to bake, I was feeling "fat", sick of watching reruns of The Real Housewives of (insert city), and I implored myself to stop the madness.

Yesterday, I went to a lovely Stella & Dot party [p.s...if you haven't had/been to a Stella & Dot party, do it. Their jewelry is adorable!], and when I came home, I wanted to run. I wanted to stop the madness. I wanted to stop making excuses.

There's no excuse for health.

After a full 4 weeks of not running (or really doing anything sweat-inducing), I ran 2 painful, shin-splinty miles. It's a start.

A re-start.

I'll take it.

And now, we talk about devastation. Did you know that this morning, another earthquake hit Japan? Can you imagine having your life remain in such chaos for so long? It's been a month since the magnitude 9 earthquake hit Japan, and they are still suffering through the uncertainty of wondering whether they will be detoured by another aftershock.

Horrific. Unsettling. Devastating.

This is my last opportunity to try to speak to your heart about our Blogging For A Change Rally For Japan. They need our help. I know that times are tough. We all have to buy groceries and pay mortgages, rent, and car payments. Unfortunately, we sometimes use these things as excuses to turn the other cheek. If it's not happening to us, we can make an excuse to ignore it. Sort of like the way I use trashy reality TV as an excuse to be lazy.

Today, use Japan's havoc as an excuse to pass up your latte. Donate that $4 instead.

That's an excuse I can get behind.

Not only will you help someone in Japan make it through this disaster a little more comfortably, but you can also enter to win one of many prizes that have been donated by our caring sponsors.

The Rally closes tonight at midnight, so please...give as much or as little as you can...every dollar helps! So far, we've raised over $1,300 with the help of many generous people. Let's see how much more we can raise before midnight!

There's no excuse for kindness.