Our New Bundle of Joy

So remember back in January, when I disappeared for a while, then came back and told you that I had been spending an equal amount of time house-hunting and peeing on sticks? I'm happy to report that all of that effort paid off. We will soon have a brand new bundle of joy.

Did you actually think that I was pregnant? Not likely, considering that traveling across the world in my third trimester doesn't sound like a good time to me. In the debate of "get pregnant" vs. "travel to Scotland", Scotland won. Priorities.

Our bouncing bundle of joy is arriving in approximately 30 days in the form of a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath single family home with a yard in a stable neighborhood. The fact that we were able to locate all of those things in the MD/DC area within our (scant) price range was a miracle in and of itself.

Luckily, 90% of the options in our price range happen to be short sales or foreclosures, thus putting a house that would normally be out of our price range within reach.  It's like magic. Unfortunately, it usually takes months for anything to shake out after putting in an offer on a short sale or foreclosure. For some people, this is a problem, but since we're living in a condo that we own (and we can move out and rent it at any time), we weren't in any hurry.

Everything seems to be moving along smashingly so far. We put in our offer on the house on January 28th, and as of yesterday we received the bank approval on the short sale price. We have our home inspection on Thursday, at which point we'll cross our fingers and pray that nothing is seriously wrong with this cute little house.

Although it would seem as though I enjoy moving, considering all of the moving that I've done over the past 16 years, our most recent move last summer was part of my grand plan to eventually own a larger house. Since we plan to start a family fairly soon, I had a requirement that needed to be met.

I needed a home with a spare bedroom because I needed the option of eventually setting up a nursery.

We live in a 2 bedroom condo now, and one of those 2 bedrooms is an "office". Prior to that, we lived in a 675 square foot, 1 bedroom condo. When we were house-hunting, I actually cried when I left one of the houses because I realized that I could finally have enough bedrooms to designate one as a nursery.

It's a biological clock thing. You probably wouldn't understand.

In the grand scheme, we planned to purchase a single family home "soon". In the grand scheme, however, we didn't plan to purchase a single family home less than 1 year after we moved, and a mere 5 months after we renovated our kitchen.

I love my kitchen more than someone should probably love their kitchen.

I put a TV in my kitchen so that I could spend more time in there. I can often be found lounging on my kitchen counter--over there on the right side of the picture. There's probably a butt mark in the granite now from all of the sitting that I do there. It's a cozy, comfy, wonderful kitchen that I designed myself. Everything is where it belongs. Everything flows seamlessly.

I baked the first Sugared Bakery cupcakes in my little pinstriped kitchen.

It's going to be difficult to bake cupcakes anywhere else, but I'll try. In the debate of "kitchen" vs. "nursery", "nursery won.

It's a biological clock thing. You probably wouldn't understand.


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