So Here's the Thing...

I have pressed 'play' on this song countless times over the past 4 days. I have also played the lyrics over and over and over in my head more times that I'm comfortable admitting over the past 4 days.

Not just because I've had a girl crush on Alanis ever since she talked about "doing down on you in a theatre" (p.s. that's not any indication that I've done anything of the sort, Mom). It's also not just because she did a bang up job playing Nancy Botwin's slightly jaded baby doctor on Weeds.

It's mostly because of these lyrics:

"How bout stopping eating when I'm full up"

Not to say that I necessarily agree with Ms. Morissette's choice of sentence structure at all, but I get it. I, too, want to concede to 'stopping eating when I'm full up'. It's been a long time since I've really listened to my 'stopping eating when I'm full up' cues. Like right now for instance--I know that I'm full, but I'm still finishing my latte.

Because it's good.

I can make all types of excuses for not 'stopping eating when I'm full up', but when it comes down to it, I'm just not obeying myself. I'm hearing, but I'm not listening.

Last night, 2 servings of ice cream. Two leftover icing-less cupcakes (I've officially mastered my Sugared Bakery basic cupcake recipes. It's obviously both a good and bad development). Homemade caramel sauce. Times two. I'm not freaking out, I'm just aware.

I don't have any clever conclusion today. I'm just quoting some lyrics, stating the facts, and moving on.

Moving on...

Blogging For A Change Update

I am so shocked at the generosity that all of you showed for our Rally For Japan Giveaway. Together, we raised OVER $1,800 for disaster relief in Japan!!

The giveaway winners have been announced, so head on over to the Rally Page to see if you're one of them!

We have big plans for the Blogging For A Change charity in the future, so make sure to join our newsletter list so that you'll hear about all of the great stuff we're working on!


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